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Letters to the Editor: Argument and the art of deflection; All lives matter, but are not treated equally

Letters to the Editor: Argument and the art of deflection; All lives matter, but are not treated equally

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Argument and the art of deflection

Reading through a recent rebuttal to a Republican opinion letter demonstrated a routine tactic called “deflection” used by liberals and progressives.

The tactic is simple. Do not respond directly to the issue identified in a logical and honest manner but simply deflect to another topic or direct blame to the enemy, which is anyone who disagrees but it is usually Republicans and conservatives.

Here is an example. Instead of discussing whether there actually is voter fraud in mail-in ballots the writer states there is no evidence and then deflects blame to Republicans gerrymandering and purging voter rolls.

In California it was found 11 counties in California and 378 counties nationwide had more people registered to vote than people in the counties. Sending mail-in ballots to everyone in California will not create voter fraud? Seriously? Look for it and you will see how liberals use the tactic of deflection to redirect the issue of voter fraud to Republicans because they intentionally refuse to look for it in their own party.

And by the way Democrats don’t gerrymander? Really? Another example is instead of discussing the nursing home death rate caused by Democrat governors packing nursing homes with coronavirus patients the topic is deflected — the federal government controls nursing homes and FEMA sent nursing homes useless PPE and did not apologize.

About 43% of COVID-19 deaths nationwide were in nursing homes. How good a job did the state governments do protecting our most vulnerable elderly? Multiple Democrat state governors including our own and Cuomo of New York ordered COVID positive patients into nursing homes.

Watch for the “deflection” tactic as a primary liberal ploy used constantly across all issues. It's used because most all of the talking points are not valid and cannot sustain a focused discussion. Because of the “deflection” tactic I have yet to have a rational discussion about political and social issues with a staunch Democrat or progressive. Unfortunately, yes the liberals, Democrats, progressives and leftists have created a vicious war for power and control.

Jeff Bensen


All lives matter, but are not treated equally

A recent letter to the editor was titled "All Lives Matter." This has become an all too common response to the Black Lives Matter movement. While the basic premise of that statement is indisputable, it conveniently avoids the fact that all lives are not treated equally.

The unfortunate reality is that some lives are valued less than others as evidenced by the direct correlation between police use of force and race. A study conducted by the National Academy of Science estimates that the chance of a Black man being killed by police is almost twice that of a White man under similar circumstances.

My own life experience is consistent with those findings. In my multiracial family, my Black son was hauled into the police station because the police assumed he was on drugs. His honest explanation, that he had a medical condition that affects movement, was simply disregarded. Black man + unsteady gait = drugs. On the other hand, my White stepson, many years ago was caught siphoning gas from a parked car while intoxicated. He was simply given a ride home and afforded the privilege of allowing his parents to address the issue. His experience was a reasonable resolution and a great example of effective policing that should have been given to both sons.

The same letter also expressed disapproval of the destruction of confederate monuments and flags. It is important to remember that these are direct symbols of 250 years of brutal slavery as well as the death of roughly 2 million Africans during the brutal trip to this country.

I would remind folks that statues are for heroes. It is hard to understand how treating men who fought to preserve the barbaric practice of human bondage should be treated as heroes. However, I share the writer’s respect for history.

Rather then destroy these monuments I think it would be constructive to move them into a museum, similar to the Holocaust Museum, where they could be put into their true context.

Margaret Tillery

Santa Maria


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