Anti-Trump vote crucial

Donald Trump yearns to become emperor, damaging our democracy by denouncing the press and widening the gap between political parties by ruling solely for his base.

At high taxpayer cost, Trump tried to dominate the traditionally nonpartisan Fourth of July celebration in Washington, with a military presence. What's fascinating is that with Trump, his family and cronies in the White House, we've come to rely on our military to bring sanity to government vs. worrying about generals having too much power.

This sick narcissist luxuriated in his imagining the fireworks and celebration somehow were for him. He's yearned for parades like those in North Korea and Russia.

His base may well believe it was for him. However, this hateful man is not just obnoxious, he's cruel and heartless, authorizing what amounts to torture of would-be immigrants with concentration-camp conditions for children and adults.

In creating this, Trump brings us all down while his loyal racist base approves, despite seeing a photo of a dead little girl with her arm around her father, both having drowned trying to get to America. That heartbreaking photo will be seen by Trump and many of his base as a deterrent. 

Sadly, Trump has taken America's moral and ethical temperature, and we're discovering how very sick more than a third of Americans are.

Though we've had some weak presidents, Trump is the only one in history who has never reached a 50-percent approval rating. Nevertheless, his unthinking base will turn out and could get him elected again. The presumably sane and reasonably moral 60 percent majority in the 2020 election must turn out in droves, as they did not in the last election. We and the world are in peril with Donald Trump presiding. Vote!

Jack Miles

Santa Maria

Keep track of history

I want to commend Mark James Miller on his excellent column, “Don’t know much about history.” I’m so glad he is teaching the new generation about history.

I see every day how little some people know about the past and what is happening now, not just in our country but around the world.

There are so many excellent books on the rise of Hitler and the Holocaust. Enlighten yourself and learn the truth. Keep up the good work, we need it.

Lucy Duba

Santa Maria

Hancock should support renewable energy jobs

Allan Hancock College is a widely and deeply appreciated asset of our community. But why has it allowed its name to be associated with controversial efforts that may risk the economic future of its students and the health of their families?

The college president has often used his official position to advocate prominently for more dangerous oil operations in North County. Is this policy endorsed by the board of trustees?

A reason offered by the administrator in support of a proposed oil project is that it would bring jobs to students. However, according to the oil company’s own figures, it would result in fewer than 10 new direct full-time jobs. There are currently many more jobs for graduating students in the safe and renewable energy sector … and this is where our future lies.

If, as the oil companies wish, we follow the path of Kern County, our county revenues would be unreliable. Funding for education and other public services could suffer. Jobs in the agricultural, wine-related and tourism sectors of our economy would be at risk. This would disproportionately impact the same community of students, and their families, that Allan Hancock aims to serve.

The oil companies are proposing to drill wells through the aquifer that provides drinking water to Santa Maria. And, into aquifers adjacent to this precious resource, they seek permission to inject millions of gallons of toxic wastewater. Scientific studies show that we simply cannot know with assurance the underground migration pathways of these toxic liquids.

So, let’s follow a clean path forward. This is a mission worthy of Allan Hancock.

Seth Steiner

Los Alamos


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