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Letters to the Editor: America, world demand peaceful transfer; A tale of a town

Letters to the Editor: America, world demand peaceful transfer; A tale of a town

America, world demand peaceful transfer

Since the overwhelming popular and electoral college vote for Joe Biden as President-Elect, there have been many confounding, irresponsible, and false communications from Trump and Republicans that believe that the election is not over and Trump has a chance at re-election.

This is what I hear Donald Trump really saying when he won’t acknowledge Biden’s victory, “Whaaaah, Whaaaaaaah, I don’t wanna leave! You cheaters can’t make me! sniff, sniff, WHAAAAH. Nobody likes me WHAAAH!”

This is what I really hear when Republicans in Congress support Trump in not conceding to President-Elect Biden, "Donald please don’t mean tweet me!”

My message to Trump voters that believe Biden stole the election, “Stop trying to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic and abandon ship.”

I realize I am being harsh, however, such an unprecedented, dangerous response to an election by the losers requires a forceful repudiation of their premise.

Americans and the world require a peaceful transfer of power and Joe Biden is asking for patience, calmness, and a toning down of the rhetoric. In being such poor losers, Trump, Trump Republican Congresspeople, and Trump supporters are making it difficult for over 77 million winning Biden voters to feel empathy for or reconciliation with over 72 million losing Trump voters in the 2020 Presidential Election.

If they don’t change their attitude, why should I change mine? Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to ravage us while Trump is golfing and he continues to sabotage President-Elect Biden’s transfer to power. Thank goodness that  Biden will soon be our only President, Trump will become an infamous footnote in history, and hopefully the Democrats will regain control of the Senate.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria

A tale of a town

A developer wants to build as many as 11 homes on a one-and-a-half acre lot in Los Alamos, with access from a quiet road that is less accustomed to vehicular traffic than to walkers and joggers, dog walkers and children on bikes, and parents with infants in strollers.

The county planning department is in the process of granting the developer’s request for access from this road even while two other possibilities would be less problematic. If allowed, the community’s enjoyment of this section of road would be significantly influenced by a considerable increase in vehicular traffic and this impact would be unmitigable.

The county planning department has not taken sufficient account of the one-lane bottleneck at the end of this road that, with greatly expanded vehicular traffic, is more likely to result in accident and injury. To this, add the transportation planning supervisor’s complacent remark that the county need not be concerned with accident and injury here because “Liability is covered by design immunity as long as we follow adopted county/federal standards and guidelines.”

Further, this supervisor woefully underestimated the increase in road traffic arising from an additional 11 homes and from the draw resulting from widening the road.

The planning department has zigged and zagged on its commitment to hearing concerns of the town’s residents in a forum that could make a decision that would have weight in the deliberations of the county’s planning commissioners. And, mystifyingly, the planning department sees no need for a traffic study that would require it to justify its contested estimates.

Many townsfolk have spoken up in favor of a change of access road to one of the other two possibilities and there is concern about the planned density of the development. The first issue could be resolved if the developer was willing to compromise and request a design exception.

We look forward to being able to speak up in a forum that would allow residents a say in the outcome of a project that could have major consequences for our wonderful little town.

Seth Steiner

Los Alamos



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