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Letters to the Editor: Accountability for shutdown pain required; Good-bye to Donald Trump, for good; Faith, not fear
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Letters to the Editor: Accountability for shutdown pain required; Good-bye to Donald Trump, for good; Faith, not fear

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Accountability for shutdown pain required

Well, I see the petty tyrant has once again waved his magic finger, changed the rules and ordered businesses shutdown. This after he was chastised by a judge for abuse of power. And, sadly but not unexpectedly, our local elected lackeys couldn’t kneel fast enough to grovel at his feet and do his bidding.

Our current government induced recession is rapidly approaching a government caused depression. When can we expect our “leaders” to be held criminally accountable for the pain and suffering they have intentionally caused?

With businesses shut down, commercial property is now vacant, so when can the owners expect a reassessment of their tax burden and a refund? When can business owners that paid for a business license for a year expect a prorated refund based on how much their business is restricted? When can we expect a refund of that portion of our taxes that fund the maintenance and upkeep of government buildings that sit vacant as everyone is working from home?

As schools are closed, when can taxpayers expect a refund on their property taxes that are now paying for empty buildings? As most instruction is now being done at home by parents or other caregivers, when can we expect a division of teachers salaries? Or should we just expect more of business as usual — tax and spend with nothing to show for it and with considerable doubletalk to justify it?

Curt Warner

Santa Maria

Good-bye to Donald Trump, for good

In spite of Donald Trump and his supporters' efforts to cast doubt about the validity of our recent presidential election, those of us who voted, whether Democrat or Republican, demonstrated common intelligent-sense choices, which deserve congratulations in the removal of Donald Trump as a credible presidential choice.

His supporters have demonstrated an addiction to party ideology, or just plain ignorance.

America and its citizens cannot afford another four years of the chaotic and confusing performance of Donald Trump as President. The damage he has done to the Presidency of our country will take years to correct, including our relationship with our foreign allies.

Donald Trump is basically all about himself, and his self-centered mentality is ample proof of that. In the final analysis of Donald Trump, he lacks the demeanor, intelligence and class to be a credible President.

God bless America, and good-bye to Donald Trump, for good.

Robert P. Sutton

Santa Maria

Faith, not fear

I do not fear the plague that is over our land, my faith is grounded in the touch of God's hand. I walk in faith close by His side. I may not know the way to go, but I surely know God is my guide.

Though I am weak and frail, I know God's love will never fail, and all is well with my soul.

Ollie M. Kirby

Santa Maria


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