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Letters to the Editor: A Thanksgiving prayer; Just the facts; Is President Trump going cold turkey?
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Letters to the Editor: A Thanksgiving prayer; Just the facts; Is President Trump going cold turkey?

A Thanksgiving prayer

I wanted to share a Thanksgiving prayer to show the world that people truly care. A Thanksgiving prayer will touch your heart, will bring us together and not break us apart.

The world right now is in a challenging place. There are so many problems that we must face. But we will keep our heart and soul always strong, because with each other is where we belong. We face the day and ask the question why? What else should we do, what should we try?

We need a Thanksgiving prayer for each other, many family, friends, strangers and mothers. A Thanksgiving prayer may lighten the burden we need for each other to heal the hurt'n.

When we support each other and give a helping hand, we show our true values of where we stand. A Thanksgiving prayer gives us all some hope, so we may get through with what we must cope. We'll come out stronger, yes, we'll achieve, since in a Thanksgiving prayer we know we can believe.

Chris Strasser

Arroyo Grande

Just the facts

"Facts are stubborn things", John Adams, 2nd POTUS 1790s; "Just the facts ma'am", Jack Webb, TV star Dragnet 1950s; "Alternative facts" Team Trump, 2010s.

In 2016 Clinton lost Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by 77,000 votes. No Trump fraud outcry then. Biden wins the same states in 2020 by over 253,000. Now there is fraud. Also, curious that other widespread fraud is only in the swing states he lost.

Let's assume Biden got hundreds of thousands of votes illegally. (Suspending belief in all USA counties that were bi-partisan with cameras in many counting rooms) Explain how the Dems would lose seats in the House and be lucky to tie the Senate if they win the two Georgia Senate races next month. Totally illogical. Like a bank robber taking one bag of cash but leaving the other two.

Trump wants it both ways, like over valuing properties to get loans (and impress the public) but low balling to pay taxes.

It is time for all of us to grow up, at least try to be objective and move on. Problems are solved in fact-based reality, not reality TV with baseless conspiracy theories.

Larry Batson

Santa Maria

Is President Trump going cold turkey?

For the last two weeks President Trump has been out of sight. Trump is now irrelevant and he knows it, more than we do. Trump lovers and haters have something in common, we will all miss him.

The Trump haters want him to go to jail, that's not going to happen. Do they really want him to have another platform with a big megaphone? Does anyone want years of litigation with Trump portraying himself as the wounded victim or even a martyr?

The Trump lovers want him to start a right wing TV network or maybe a FOX talk show. Can you see him on a Sunday Morning News Show, maybe a co-host with Chuck Todd? And the craziest yet, run for president in 2024. No, Mitt Romney has that reserved.

Why should he do anything, it's over, he's know it, and in the words of Roberto Duran "NO MAS".

Trump worked his entire life to be in show business, in the spotlight, on top, or even the President on the United States. Now that he has climbed the highest mountain, there is nowhere to go but down. So what's next?

In the words of President Nixon "You won't have Trump to kick around anymore." He will write a book, make corporate speeches for lots of money and build a library, then he will fade away.

Cary De Grosa




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