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OUR VIEW One might reasonably assume that America, with its vast resources, enormous wealth and manufacturing know-how could take a page from Sweden’s garbage playbook.

OPINION If members of the California Legislature truly want to make this state strong and economically bullet-proof, they will vote to defeat Senate Bill 37. That would be good, sound policy.

OUR VIEW Voting is called all sorts of things — a privilege, a right, a responsibility. In truth, it is all of those things and more. It is the sacred trust and holy grail of a functioning democracy, and unless America and its citizens get more hyped about participating, it’s not too difficult to see dramatic and perhaps wholly unpleasant changes in how we are governed.

OUR VIEW According to WalletHub’s research, California ranks 42nd out of 50 for rush-hour traffic woes, 46th in the rate of car thievery, 48th in overall quality of our streets and highways, and next-to-last in gasoline prices.