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We’ve spent the better part of the week in a spirited debate with a reader regarding the efficacy of Roy Moore’s Senate candidacy.

We truly appreciate such encounters with readers who challenge our assertions and beliefs, because we come away with a greater understanding of our mission as a newspaper.

So, on this Saturday of roses and raspberries, we often send red beauties — of the rose variety — to those who read this newspaper and take the time to take exception to some of positions we take on our Opinion Page.

Which gives us yet another opportunity to remind folks that the opinions expressed in the “Our View” space are exactly as advertised — and nothing pleases us more than to have readers sharing their opinions with us.


The next batch of roses goes out to the young men and women from St. Joseph's High School who came to help aging veterans of WWII at Guadalupe Post 371 put up the beautiful stars and stripes around the perimeter of the cemetery for the Veterans Day ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 11.

It can take something very special to get teens to give up a Saturday to help others, but the St. Joe’s group did so without equivocation, which is testimony to their good hearts.

And we can’t let this segment go without a rose to one of our favorite Guadalupe readers, Shirley Boydstun, who tipped us to the teens’ role in the ceremony.


Roses to everyone who donated turkeys and/or cash to the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. We thank you, and the families that might otherwise have gone without a Thanksgiving Day feast thank you.

This gives us yet another opportunity to sing the praises of the Foodbank and its avid army of helpers. We’ve thanked the Foodbank a lot in recent years because the organization does a lot to help support individuals and families in need throughout Santa Barbara County.

For readers new to the area, Foodbank collects food, then distributes the goodies to more than 300 charitable organizations in the county, who in turn get the food to low-income folks.

What makes this so important is that a hefty percentage of the food recipients are children — and we don’t want to be a place where kids go hungry. There’s already too much of that in the world.

So, for those who helped the Foodbank, a garden of roses.


While we’re on the subject of gardens, a dozen red beauties to all the volunteers who helped bring the veggie garden at Oak View Elementary School in Buellton back to life.

The sustainable garden started a few years ago, but suffered through a couple of seasons of neglect.

But then a small miracle happened. One of the student’s mothers noticed the neglect, stepped in and started sprucing up the patch — and things started to grow again.

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from Lowe’s, the Oak View garden now has a much brighter future, which seems only right, since we live in the midst of an agricultural region.


Roses to the local families that stepped up this week, finalizing adoption of 16 children as part of National Adoption Month.

It’s all part of the Santa Barbara County Child Welfare Service’s “Our Country, Our Kids” program.

Roses also to the volunteers at CASA, which is short for Court Appointed Special Advocate program.

If ever roses were earned, it is in this sort of program, in which children who lose their first families can find a forever family to continue life’s journey.

We can’t imagine a more gratifying trip to take.

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