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For a sitcom or late-night host’s standup routine, the U.S. political climate is pure gold.

Perhaps former President George W. Bush said it best, when asked about the presidency of Donald J. Trump: “Sorta makes me look pretty good.” We always knew George W. had that comedic gene hidden somewhere inside.

But the former Commander-in-Chief makes an interesting point about the current Commander-in-Chief, who seems to be piling one bad week on top of another as the boss resident of the White House. In fact, the writing staff for Saturday Night Live must be almost apoplectic.

The bombshell came at mid-week when President Trump was sued by adult film maven Stormy Daniels.

The lawsuit alleges Trump never signed off on a nondisclosure agreement that she agreed to in exchange for a $130,000 payment. The NDA supposedly was to buy the porn queen’s silence during the presidential campaign about her long-ago affair with Trump.

Daniels’ real name is Stephanie Clifford, and her legal action was filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday. No comment from the White House, but you have to wonder how this plays with voters increasingly concerned about this president’s behavior.

And no, you really can’t make this stuff up.

Then there is the ongoing conflict within the Trump administration on the issue of states’ rights.

First, administration officials insist it’s up to Alabama voters to choose a successor for a vacated U.S. Senate seat, then later the administration flips and sues the state of California regarding its sanctuary policies.

If we had to guess, we’d say both Trump and California Gov. Jerry Brown have been itching for this fight. They could do it in the ring. Their ages are close to the same, but the president has a significant weight advantage. Don’t count out the little guy, however. He’s wiry and quick.

And there remains that nagging little problem of the special counsel investigating whether Trump campaign operatives colluded with Russian spies to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s folks seem to be the only Americans skeptical of the accusation, and the Trump administration isn’t doing much to convince the rest of us otherwise. Calling it “fake news” is not exactly a denial. In fact, the more times Trump and his followers say that, the more of a blind-spot phrase it becomes.

The president’s big strategy seems to be blaming former President Obama and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for all that’s wrong with America. The question then becomes, will Trump ever man-up and admit that neither Obama nor Clinton are the president? He is.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is lining up the dominos and they are falling, one by one. But in the Oval Office, it’s all “fake news” and the other guy’s fault.

Meanwhile, Congress appropriated $120 million in 2016 for the State Department to use in an investigation of foreign meddling in U.S. elections, and as of earlier this week, not one penny of that money had been spent on the stated purpose. Even Republicans in Congress are asking why the department has not acted on spending the money to find out who’s hacking U.S. elections, and to what end.

Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence agencies have warned the White House that Russia is once again flooding the internet with pre-mid-term election distortions, warnings that are essentially being ignored.

Some of you may believe that this is all a good thing, Trump shaking up the political establishment. Chaos is never a good thing, even in theory.