From the Editor: Change in a time of change
From the Editor

From the Editor: Change in a time of change

Like much of what we're experiencing as a society today, change is a big part of what's happening here at Santa Maria California News Media, Inc.

As we work through economic challenges stemming from COVID-19, we're modifying our papers, the Santa Maria Times and Lompoc Record, to continue providing you with the same in-depth local news coverage we've been delivering to our readers for more than 100 years, while limiting the number of pages we publish, specifically those containing national and world news.

We know this news is something you can find in many places, but the local news we deliver online at,, and in your print paper can't be found anywhere else. That’s our commitment to you, our readers.

Our front page will continue to feature the top stories of the day, both locally and from the world at large, as will our California page and our websites. We'll also continue to provide you with weekend Food pages, recipes, an opportunity to voice your opinions on our Editorial Page, and your favorite local columnists. Puzzles and comics will be unchanged as well during this time, when we all certainly need a laugh and a little entertainment.

However, while many changes to our daily lives will likely be permanent in some form, we plan for the change in your newspaper to be temporary, and will begin expanding the paper as the economic crisis associated with COVID-19 plays itself out.

We value our readers, and we're here to provide you with the local news coverage you can't get anywhere else.

That's one thing that won't change.


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