A recent editorial referred to the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant closure as “... the slow death of a monster that has menaced the region for years.”

Really? Menace and danger usually are accompanied by actual fatalities like MS-13 or traffic accidents. They both kill real people.

Diablo Canyon produced not a single injury, let alone fatality in its 35 years of serving the Central Coast and all California.

Calling it a "monster" is a really unwarranted and unfair characterization. It has pumped billions into our coastal communities' economies each year without the slightest failure. The plant workers and company have given millions to our charities every year.

Diablo Canyon supplies about 10 percent of electricity for all of California, or about 4 million residents. Its electricity is entirely carbon-free, helping fight global warming. Of America's total carbon-free electricity, nuclear supplies 63.3 percent from only 60 power plants nationwide, despite all the talk about wind and solar. Nuclear plants emit no smoke, soot or ozone as do fossil fuel plants including gas.

Diablo Canyon tax payments support hundreds of local teachers, police and firefighters in our communities.

If Diablo Canyon is a "monster" it is certainly a wonderful type of monster and we should get more such power plants, not shut them based on the false fears ginned up by modern-day witch hunters who see evil spirits just like those in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600s. It’s called superstition.

By actual numbers of killed or injured, including the few famous accidents, nuclear power worldwide has killed the least number of humans of any type of electricity generation.

While some Californians cower from nuclear power, advanced countries like South Korea and China are building as many reactors as they can and selling their advanced designs for billions all over the world. That used to be America's role in nuclear technology.

The best nuclear engineers are now coming out of South Korean, Chinese and Indian universities, as are the best new reactor designs. Top scientists say only nuclear power can slow or stop global warming.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission continually evaluates American reactors and rumor says they rate Diablo Canyon No.1 for its fine management and operations.

Could the powerful fossil-fuel industry be behind the bad vibe for nuclear?

Recall Big Tobacco spent millions disputing the link between lung cancer and smoking to protect their profits for decades, meanwhile Americans died. It happens over and over again, big industries will protect their profits at our expanse by spreading false fears.

There are professionals ready to go to work for industries misinforming the public. Read the book "Merchants of Doubt" by Niomi Oreskes, Harvard professor, and Erik M. Conway. Find out exactly how this is done by big business.

Our free press is supposed to protect us from this corporation chicanery, not echo it.

Voice your opinion with your elected representatives that there is no good reason for closing Diablo Canyon. It's a public utility, benefiting the public, but the PUC has sided with the corporation again and wants the plant to close. Diablo Canyon protects your child's future by fighting global warming. Big corporations don't care about your child, so only you can do something.

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William Gloege is a resident of Orcutt.