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Ralph Bush: Legitimacy of election results questioned
Guest Commentary

Ralph Bush: Legitimacy of election results questioned

Preceding the election, Donald Trump was flying all over the country holding rallies and one day he held five rallies with as many as 50,000 enthusiastic supporters shouting "we love you" in attendance, all the while Joe Biden was holed up in his home in Delaware making a rare local appearance.

Almost 74 million people voted for President Trump, and can you imagine the astonishment to wake up on Wednesday to see former Vice President Biden with a sizeable lead? What gives here, this seems kind of fishy?

According to Politico, 79% of the Trump voters have questions about the validity and fairness of the election, there are legitimate questions that as yet no one has satisfactorily answered. We are not conspriacy theorists, but millions of patriotic Americans that would like to know why, for three hours, five states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada, all with Democrat governers — simultaneously at 1 a.m. stopped counting votes. What did they do for those three hours?

When Pennsylvania stopped counting, President Trump had a 800,000 vote lead. At midnight in Michigan, Trump had a 400,000 vote lead, but at 3 a.m. during the "pause" two trucks reportedly came in carrying over 600,000 ballots all marked for Biden with votes for no one else on them. Should this not be investigated?

President Trump had a substantial lead in all five of these states in question prior to the shutdown, but when counting resumed Joe Biden was ahead. Does that not seem strange?

Wisconsin reported that they had 3,239,920 votes cast, when there are only 3,129,000 registered voters on record in Wisconsin. Something's not right here. Nevada sent out ballots to everyone on their voting rolls which had not been updated in years, and consequently they had a fine turnout of local voters, including those who had died years ago or moved out of state.

There are lots of videos showing legal poll watchers being denied access to the actual vote counting, in one case being forced to remain 60 yards away. How can a signature be verified at 60 yards? In Michigan, cardboard was taped over the windows so the poll watchers could not view the tally.

In Wayne County, Michigan, there are now 234 sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury from people who saw voter irregularities. These people who have signed these affidavits under oath will be facing large fines and jail time should what they have sworn to be true is proven to be untrue.

Questions have been raised having to do with the Dominion vote counting machines. Back in 2019 senators Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren were concerned and asked that they be looked into. They said that there were "vulnerabilities and a lack of transparency." They went on to say that in 2018 machines switched their votes.

Do machines have the ability to switch a vote from one candidate to another? It was published that 6,000 votes in Michigan for Trump were switched to Biden and that the problem was identified and corrected. The electronic voting machines are for the most part, not used in Europe or Canada. They were found to not be reliable.

With tens of millions of Americans suspicious about the election results we had better get to the bottom of this or we are in danger of losing our democracy and Americans will no longer vote, assuming the fix is in.

Ralph Bush is a resident of Arroyo Grande.


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