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Band at basketball game a great show

I wanted to comment on something that I had the privileged of listening to on a recent Friday evening. I was at the Orcutt Academy-Santa Maria High School varsity basketball game and was treated to a pleasant experience.

The national anthem was performed by the school marching band in a professional, entertaining and energetic manner by approximately 35-40 students. They were very good and added a great aspect to the sporting event. During the course of the game they played various songs all of which we enjoyed very much.

At times there is so much negativity about today's youth, I wish you all could have been there to enjoy these students performing with their instruments. My thanks to all the band members and to the staff members who obviously have done such a fine job leading them.

Joe Adams

Santa Maria

Democrat 'bucket list' becoming untenable

A July 2018 Wall Street Review article “It’s Time to Kick the Bucket List” talks about a harmless and amusing 2007 film where two old coots, played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, come up with competing lists of personal dreams they want to accomplish before they kick the bucket. The concept caught on rapidly, but as so often happens in this once-great country, the idea morphed into a national obsession with big experiences like 100-mile marathons, parasailing over active volcanoes, skiing Mt. Fuji and swimming with man-eating sharks.

In the same vein, it’s time for the new "Democratic Socialist Party" to kick its bucket list. They hide their need for big political experiences under a veneer of false compassion, but fail to realize their's is a dying regime which has morphed into something that can only be described as a clinical disorder – a senseless and irrational obsession so complicated and so costly it’s already doomed to fail.

Like all dying regimes they get more repressive as they fade. It was bad enough with their political correctness, diversity, and impeachment agenda, but now they’re lashing out against any and all dissenters, shouting them down in public, shaming them on social media and getting them fired from their jobs – anything to make sure no one disagrees with them.

They swoon with excitement at the idea of millions of illegal immigrants with the right to vote and taking everyone’s guns away, but now they want 100 percent economic, social and racial justice, 100 percent gun control, illegal immigration, green energy, guaranteed minimal incomes and painful new taxes to pay for everything.

This is not some kind of visionary crusade merely to expand their power and control, it’s a malignancy of insane proportions so destructive it’s impossible to comprehend the consequences to America.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

Support should go to those born here

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

That is on the Statue of Liberty for those kids being educated in our schools. While the Democrats parade out the migrants at the border and weep and pound their chests for the injustice of it all we have millions of Americans born in this country that would love to live in the tent cities on the border.

Our people live in squalor and filth under every overpass in every major city. Fighting to not be raped or sold into some sort of slavery. You do not see them on the liberal controlled media outlets because these do not make for future voters.

All of California and the rest of the states should wake up and see that the Democrats only want power and votes. They have controlled the state of California for decades, we are one of the largest GNP producers in the world but I have tent cities behind the CVS in Nipomo.

We have the highest state taxes, gas that is the most expensive and home and rent prices that force people to live in tents. What is the Democratic answer, let’s sponsor a bill that ends all off shore drilling, kills high paying good jobs, supports the local economy and is low risk. You already see the cattle in the chute mooing and saying what a nice bill this is.

Diablo Canyon is going away, millions in revenue is lost and thousands of jobs that support that business are gone. The orange-robed monks have gone home, happy to have helped kill the San Luis Obispo County economy. Pelosi had the chance to protect DACA and other immigrants and tossed them away for better headline grabs. Quit voting on party lines and for these people. They are killing those born here.

Jeff Scott


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