“Carbajal should call for balanced investigation” reads the heading for a recently published letter. The author is “shocked” to learn that our local congressman is “on the impeachment bandwagon.” Why wouldn't he be?

Democrats have held off for months before taking this step, knowing it would be disruptive and would likely fail in the GOP-dominated Senate, where it does not matter what crime President Trump has committed. Of course, it also provides Trump with his favorite poor-me, look-how-I’m-being-mistreated schtick to throw to his base.

Enough is enough, and then some. Trump at first denied, then came right out and admitted he solicited the president of Ukraine to do his dirty work by digging up some dirt on the man who has been leading him in the polls for weeks, Joe Biden.

He made this request for a “favor” as a response to Ukraine's request for the funds that Congress had already voted to send, but which Trump had unaccountably withheld. The funds were later released after a rather pointed letter from Congress asking what the holdup seemed to be. Now, Trump is hinting he might ask China to do him the same favor. Good luck with that, since China is not beholden to the U.S. for money for its military.

At this point, the people who aren't on the bandwagon are spineless GOP members of Congress, who are increasingly embarrassed by their unhinged and desperate leader. Some lucky ones have taken the graceful way out by announcing their retirements. The rest are either trying to stay out of the way or have chosen to throw in their lot with Trump's toadies.

The latter approach seems to be that while we all watch this “stable genius” thrashing in his self-made trap, making wilder and wilder accusations against his perceived enemies and smearing all of them with unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing, we should do the decent thing, look the other way, and move on.

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On to what? This man has described a legitimate whistle blower as a spy, and hinted darkly about “what we used to do to spies.” Witness intimidation, anyone?

He claims anyone who has ever investigated him or is doing so now is “treasonous.” It's pretty plain he means anyone who is not loyal to him is not loyal to the country.

The matter he so wanted Ukraine to dig up was shelved long ago, with no charges filed. No charges equal no wrongdoing. You heard it from Trump himself, over and over.

Wake up, people. We have someone in the White House who blatantly solicited the government of another country to help him smear a likely opponent who leads him in the polls. He is desperate to find out who spilled the beans, though it's unclear what he thinks he can do to that person.

Hey, GOP, this isn't a spy novel, and your guy is not the hero. He's a pathetic liar whose fantasy world is collapsing around him, and his desperate attempts to hold it together aren't pretty to watch.

On the scale of respectability, Salud Carbajal rates a 10. Trump doesn't even qualify.

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Judy McKinnon is a resident of Lompoc.