A proposed ordinance and an agreement template, if approved by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, may govern bidding on construction projects: “… a legally binding community workforce agreement negotiated between a public agency and construction trade unions …” according to a news report.

The 3-2 vote directed the General Services and Public Works departments to negotiate with the Tri-County Building and Construction Trades Council to develop a template for agreements on future projects. This would expand union control of government to include public construction projects.

The alleged benefits to such an agreement were described as follows:

Provide a stable, skilled workforce. Guarantee minimum wages, benefits and work rules. Get low-income workers into apprenticeship programs. Preferential hiring of women, minorities and veterans.

History provides us key information into union, government and apprenticeship programs.

The Supreme Court decision of 1973, United States vs. Enmons, determined union violence and extortion activities were legal, if committed to achieve legitimate union objectives.

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Taxpayers don’t directly pay union dues. Citizen needs are not prioritized. Unions control public education legislation, rules, curriculum, staffing, teacher certification and preparation. More than 80 percent of California students of color scored less than proficient in reading and math on the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Reading and math skills are necessary for apprenticeship programs.

The Davis-Bacon Act, passed by Congress in 1931, requires federal contractors to pay prevailing wages, presently governing most all public projects.

This law, as it was intended, has discriminatory effects. It excludes small, minority, nonunion firms from working on public projects. Unions have a long history of racism. They traditionally banned minorities from apprenticeship programs.

All levels of government are unionized in the United States. All unions are interconnected and international. In 1997 union leadership, by unanimous vote, took the anti-communist clause out of the union constitution.

California Assembly Bill 22, granting special protections for communists employed in state government, passed in May 2017.

The intent of the proposed Santa Barbara County Workforce Agreement for Public Projects is to expand control of citizens, revenue and outcomes. This is one more pillar in the foundation of the criminal cabal to plunder and loot California. In short, communism.

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Deborah Andrews is a resident of Lompoc.