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California Gov. Gavin Newsom referred to the border crisis as “manufactured” by President Trump, and political theater.

Newsom pulled hundreds of National Guard troops from California’s southern border. In a stupid stupor, Newsom suggested thousands of illegal aliens of unknown origin, health, intent, purpose or ability to be self-sufficient, as posing no threat to California citizens. We are told these illegal aliens are merely people seeking an escape from violence and a better life.

If that truly is their goal, why would they come to California? The state has nearly 25 percent of the nation’s homeless population, 60 percent of Californians are priced out of housing, and 20 percent of Californians live in poverty.

Los Angeles, the gang capitol of America just 141 miles from Tijuana, is also home to 32,000 homeless. Rats infest Los Angeles City Hall, spreading typhus among employees. San Diego, 20 miles from Tijuana, applies bleach to city streets to combat hepatitis A outbreaks.

What could go wrong? What is the plan? Will the thousands of illegal aliens be provided shelter, medical care, education, food, water, clothing? How will the criminals among them be identified? If crimes are committed by unknown people, how are police equipped to track them down?

It is unconscionable that California’s U.S. citizens in need are thrown under the bus and onto the street. Why would such a benevolent state to illegal aliens tolerate homelessness and lack of mental health services to citizens?

California persists in denying students the opportunity to obtain proficient skills in reading and math — as revealed for decades, every two years in the National Assessment of Educational Progress. California ranks near dead last among the 50 states for student proficiency in reading and math, due to known, ineffective curriculum and instruction.

Ignoring those facts, Newsom intends to implement policies to hold education accountable for operational transparency and community engagement.

An analysis of the governor’s priorities — violation of his oath of office, failure to protect U.S. citizens, action taken to remove troops guarding against foreign invasion — suggests one more bed should be reserved at Camp 7 at Guantanamo Bay. A special place recently refurbished to accommodate elite, elected traitors.

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Deb Andrews is a resident of Lompoc.