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Citizens of the great state of California may view new laws through a different lens than the editorial opinion reported on these pages.

Too bad a new rule is required to facilitate enforcement of disabled driver permits. However, it is outrageous to suggest "a fully ambulatory person" does not qualify for a permit. What super powers does the author possess that allow for the visual identification of heart disease, AIDS, high blood pressure, asthma, lung cancer or scores of other serious ailments which limit mobility and other quality of life issues?

The add-on road repair fee is a new tax burden on poor and middle-class owners of gas and diesel-fueled vehicles thinly disguised as a way to help shift us away from fossil fuels.

California's education system comes in near dead last in the nation. Miseducation robs a person of their ability to reach their greatest potential.

Sacramento ignores our failure to teach reading and math well, preferring to add controls on private business and raise the minimum wage.

California's new sanctuary laws limiting help to federal agencies are a major initiative to elevate law-breaking non-citizens above Americans. As one Latino summarized, "I hate this country, I hate your laws and I want y'all gone!”

New data confirm her hopes are coming to fruition as the middle class flees the state and is replaced by immigrants. Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom and liberty now being legislated away to foreign interests.

A bevy of new laws designed to protect people in California from search and seizure by federal immigration authorities? This again elevates illegal immigrants above citizens subject to loss of property through civil asset forfeiture, anytime, anyplace. Civil asset forfeiture laws put an end to property/human rights for citizens. Illegal immigrants are a protected, elevated class — foreign-interest control legally taken.

Expanding the mail-in ballot in California expands voter intimidation. The mail-in ballot in California is not secret and a violation of the state Constitution. In California, the marked ballot is placed directly into the return envelope which contains voter registration information on the outside. Obedience is anticipated with voter identification revealed along with the marked ballot. For example, a teacher may feel compelled to vote for a school bond issue she may personally oppose.

These bills represent a small sampling of the work accomplished in Sacramento to target citizens' liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness. The effect of state and local government targeting the poor and middle class is more apparent with each new day — exploding populations of poor and homeless, student learning failure, among the highest tax rates in the nation, worst infrastructure, water shortages yet neglected storage options.

Sacramento is the cabal running California into the ground.

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Deb Andrews is a resident of Lompoc.