Critter Corner: Well our critters sure enjoyed their special Christmas treats. They are still looking for more of that stuff, little piggies they can be, but seems like only Little Miss was there. We haven't seen Little Mama for a few days and hope she is OK. Only time will tell. They sure are enjoying the treats, and they linger looking for more and more, but only get just so much. That does not stop them from looking for more and more all the time. They are just like kids in a way. And the birds are just the same. They are always demanding more, and more, and they are pushy, but we love them all, so we put up with their demands.

Nipomo Chamber of Commerce Business Mixers: Remember that the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce features a business mixer every second Thursday of the month and they're open to the public. You can obtain information by contacting the Chamber at 929-1583. All are welcome and those of you that are members may want to showcase your business as well. So join the Chamber and see all it can do for you and you can do for it. There is also a Chamber luncheon that you may want to participate in that takes place on the fourth Thursday of the month. There are prizes that are given away at each luncheon, and informative speakers to assist all business owners and individuals. Contact the Chamber at or 929-1583, they will be happy to assist you in any way you need.

Nipomo Lions Club has been taking donations for the individuals who have been affected by the Thomas fire: so far they have only taken donations from the Club members but if some of you out there might be interested in supporting this worthy cause please contact Lion Mike Eisner at I am sure every little bit will help those who have lost so much, especially at this time of the year. 

Holiday Lights in Nipomo: We are so glad to hear from so many of you that you are enjoying the lights at homes, streets, business etc. We hope to have more participants next year and more homes and areas to judge. It was fun doing it this year, however it did come at a very hectic time. We will place it on the list for next year and we know we will have more participants. We may even invite some of our local clubs to assist as well. More participants will make it even better. There have been a few great suggestions to add to it as well, but we will keep those as a surprise for next year. Thanks again for your response, and very nice and kind remarks. 

Congratulations to Cruzin for Life: The annual fundraiser and car show raised more than $931,300 for Mission Hope Cancer Center. How good is that and for a very worthy cause. We are proud of all your efforts and community participants. We wish you the best and may 2018 be even greater for you and yours and those you help along the way.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and will also have a happy New Year, and we hope that 2018 brings to all a great year with new, exciting prosperous good times. God bless and keep us all safe.

Toni Weitzel is the owner of the Best of Everything, featuring unique gifts and gift baskets, and a former president of the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce. Nonprofit and other community organizations may submit items for this column by contacting her at 343-0283 or