Critter Corner: Critters are getting ready for the holidays ... we see it more and more, and now we know for sure they are spoiled, but they're worth it. They keep looking for special things, and we know what and when we give it to them. So do they, we think, but I think they are hoping that they get things sooner. Cute little devils. Also, they are blabber mouths, as many more critters seem to be arriving and looking around as if to say 'Well! Where are the goodies you all talked about?' We will have to get cracking and hand them more soon, so we can accommodate all the gangs that are flying and running in. But then that is what the holidays are about, sharing and caring.

Reminder: Christmas in Nipomo will take place on Dec. 16 at St. Joseph's Church hall from 5 p.m. until approximately 9 p.m. There will be many goodies for the kids and Santa will listen to what they want for Christmas. Also there will be crafts and Christmas trinket-making. Hope to see all of you with your little ones there.

Nipomo Senior Center will hold their dine out on Friday, Dec. 8 at Ichiban Restaurant in the AAA center just before Betteravia Road at 2011 South Broadway. Call the office at 929-1615 if you need a ride. They will have their potluck on Wednesday, Dec. 20. They will be celebrating Christmas, and will furnish the meat, please bring a side dish. Dues are due, and elections are also scheduled. If you want to participate and be on the board they will take nominations. Lots going on, so get involved. You will have a great time and meet lots of very nice people.

Reminder: The Lions Food Drive will take place Saturday, Dec. 9. Have your items bagged and out by your front door before 11 a.m. They will be collecting.

Judging of the Best Lights in Nipomo according to areas designated will take place on Dec. 17. We will let you know so you can drive there, take the kiddies and see all the beautiful decorations.

Nipomo Lions Club will be honored by the governors (of the Regional Lions Club) on Thursday, Jan. 4. What a wonderful honor for our Nipomo Club.

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. It is also a time for all of us to remember how lucky we are to live here in the United States, and how fortunate most of us are. But there are some that are in need, and we must remember that and do whatever we can to help those in need, especially at this time of the year. If you know of someone or hear of someone, take them a dinner or a gift or two, or just invite them over to share with your family. I am sure they will be very grateful and most appreciative. 'Tis the Season, and remember the critters, too.

Toni Weitzel is the owner of the Best of Everything, featuring unique gifts and gift baskets, and a former president of the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce. Nonprofit and other community organizations may submit items for this column by contacting her at 343-0283 or