Throughout the days of Dec. 4-6, Nipomo FFA’s leadership class dedicated their time to celebrate the rookies of our FFA chapter, the Greenhands.

Being a greenhand means it is your first year in the FFA organization. Greenhands are so special because they are still trying to find their place, and discover what they each want to accomplish within the FFA. It is the leadership team's responsibility to help guide these greenhands in the beginning of their FFA career.

Monday the Greenhands were welcomed with caramel apples during lunch on campus. They were able to enjoy a delicious treat while getting to catch up with the leadership team and ask any questions they had about upcoming events. Tuesday the Greenhands participated in a scavenger hunt — the winning team would be announced at the Winter Banquet.

On Wednesday the Greenhands were celebrated with donuts and dyed their hands green in honor of their name. Wednesday night was the Nipomo FFA Winter Banquet, where the final Greenhand activity took place, the installment of the new 2017-18 Greenhand officer team. The newly installed officers were Isabella Sparks, President, Jackson Powers, Vice-President, Jadyn Oates, Secretary, Megan Galswyk ,Treasurer, Faith Swope, Reporter, Robert Hobs, Sentinal, and Krista Robertson, Historian.

After asking Swope how it felt to be elected on the first ever Nipomo FFA officer team, she replied, “I was really excited to be a part of the team and happy that I can show more leadership towards my peers and everyone involved in the FFA.”

Overall, Nipomo FFA is very proud of all their Greenhands this year for taking the initiative to find their passion through the FFA organization. Everyone is excited to see what these Greenhands will accomplish throughout their four years of wearing the blue corduroy jacket.