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Porter works for everyone

Our community has an amazing opportunity to chart a new path forward as we elect a new 3rd District supervisor.

I am backing Bruce Porter because I think he can make a huge difference in a very positive way for families, farmers, ranchers, business people, for everyone.

I’ve known and worked with Bruce in various ways for almost 15 years. I’ve found him to be practical and to use common sense when it comes to working through complex and difficult issues. That’s the kind of county supervisor I want — not one who will base decisions on extremist causes or politics.

If you want an independent thinker who will work hard to make our county a better place, I encourage you to vote for Bruce Porter for county supervisor.

Kay Baker

Los Alamos

Fireworks and charity

Just read the article on the free signs for our yards. Then just below that article was the notice that the fireworks show is moving to our local high school.

Apparently the signs won't do those of us surrounding the school any good. Our veterans, animals, etc., will just have to deal with all the noise.

I understand from the article that Pioneer Valley High asked for the show. So now a local school can control all the surrounding neighborhoods.

If Pioneer wants to do something for the community, how about a charity fund-raising for homeless shelters. Something that would benefit others that isn't a waste of $30,000. That money would go a long way to help our local charities, and would be a good thing for the school.

Let us quit blowing up fireworks as a form of celebration. It only serves to frighten animals and those with ailments related to noise.

Bud Kelley

Santa Maria

Penalized for job choice

I served the federal government for 30 years in public affairs with the BLM, USGS and USDA Forest Service. I also worked in the private sector at different jobs.

When I retired, I was surprised to learn my Social Security benefit would be less per month than my colleagues and neighbors who had never worked for the federal government. This is all because of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) under the Social Security law.

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Throughout my government career, I held myself to a high standard of fairness and equity. But now in retirement, I'm subject to a law that is anything but fair and equitable. This provision unfairly reduces my Social Security benefits for no other reason than that I worked for the government.

Legislation introduced by U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, would reform WEP. The Equal Treatment of Public Servants Act, HR 711, recognizes the work I've done and the contributions I've made, and would adjust my Social Security benefits accordingly. Plus it would do so without costing taxpayers a nickel.

Support fairness and equity now.

Juanita Freel


Will county get payout?

Will any of the proposed huge criminal fine of Plains All American Oil Co. come to Santa Barbara County, or will the state or feds snatch the money if and when it is paid?

If none reverts to the county, perhaps the county has cut off its nose to spite its face through the loss of annual revenues in the millions from the oil industry, now effectively shut down in the county. 

Shirley Boydstun