Lawmakers are slackers

I watched about two hours of the Senate Committee on Armed Services hearing. It is considered one of the most powerful Senate committees and has oversight over the Department of Defense and various other jurisdictions, cyber attacks being one of them.

The hearing was with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and 25 senators pontificating and asking questions about the Russians and other countries.

The cameras showed the senators' seating section and never did you see all 25 of them. They would rotate in, waiting to speak, then do their thing and immediately leave, not spending any more time than necessary. Toward the end, there were about five senators present, including the chairman and the ranking member, who would also have left if they could have.

This hearing was about important stuff, cyber attacks on the U.S., and these powerful senators don't have time to sit, listen and take notes before and after they have spoken? They just want to be seen.

Hey! You work for us. If this election didn't tell them the people are tired of business as usual, then they're just condescending and lazy. They still don't get it. Do your job, show us you care or just go home.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria

Democrats upset over 'opposition research'

After following the coverage concerning the Russians interfering with our elections, I am left with a couple of observations.

First, none of the folks whose e-mails were hacked and ultimately published for the world to see have denied any of the information.

Second, we know that Democrats, including the Democratic National Committee have little regard for securing information.  One high ranking person in the Clinton campaign even sent his password via e-mail to another person.  And, we all know how Clinton and her entourage treated highly classified information while she was Secretary of State.

Third, the information obtained by Democrats concerning Trump wasn’t very complimentary either; they call that “opposition research” and all political campaigns do it to undermine their opponents.

Fourth, President Obama’s team knew several months before the election that the Russians and others were trying to hack everything from soup-to-nuts and did nothing about it. 

Lastly, it shouldn’t be a surprise that foreign governments, friendly and unfriendly, have been spying on the United States and the US on them since the US was established as a sovereign nation.

So, my best assessment of this whole ordeal is that Democrats are just upset because “opposition research” revealed significant ethical lapses within both the DNC and the campaign and this information became public. They may also be upset because they didn’t think of it first.

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Ron Fink


Trump's Message: Make Russia Great Again

Mexico will not pay for a wall, as Trump promised, nor will a real wall be built across the border, as Trump promised. He went on 60 Minutes and promised to repeal and replace Obamacare simultaneously. Nonsense. It could be the only promise, though an understated one, Trump will keep is to "make Russia great again."

We don't know why he seeks to prop up Russia. Nor do we know why he is supporting the clearly treasonous Julian Assonge. It would not be surprising if at some later time Trump pardons Assonge out of fear Trump's taxes will be leaked, which obviously terrifies him.  

Who knows what leverage Assonge and Russian intelligence have over Trump? I am all for making America even greater than it is. I hope people keep Trump to that promise, and not to his understated but very real plan to make Russia great again, as it was in the good 'ol days. I do not understand Trump's fondness for the way things used to be or why he believes to get back to the grand past we need a Great Russia. I just know he does. 

Mike Guista


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