Glow sticks moved through the fog in the woods off Foster Road on Saturday night as "zombie" dogs and their owners walked and ran to support the Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation.

The inaugural Zombie Glow Run took runners and walkers on a loop through the woods, and participants had a choice between going once or twice around the 1.7 mile loop before joining the after party. There were contests for best zombie costume and best glow costume for men, women, children and dogs, a dance contest and movies.

President Linda Greco said the foundation wanted to do a unique fundraiser.

"We wanted to have an event that the whole family could take part in, including the animals," she said.

The heavy fog set in before the run, which Greco said was a helpful addition to the zombie theme.

She said she expected 125 people to take part, and guessed that about 25 of them would be accompanied by dogs.

Greco said the event is a fun way to raise money and awareness for the foundation while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Craig and Angie McDonald's dog, Chloe, has helped Craig lead a healthier life since the couple adopted the Doberman Pinscher-Rottweiler mix from the county's animal shelter a year ago.

"She and I walk 12 miles every morning," Craig said, saying that had helped him lose more than 100 pounds.

The $35 registration fee went to support the foundation, as did some of the money made by vendors at the event.

The foundation is not a county agency but works with Santa Barbara County Animal Services to promote animal welfare. Greco said it is staffed by volunteers.

"People don't realize a lot of animals that come in have been hit by cars or need medical attention," she said.

Greco said that the foundation also provides low-cost spaying and neutering to pet owners who can't otherwise afford it and runs classes to teach children pet responsibility. 

"It's a fun event to raise money and awareness for animals," she said of the run.


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