The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast recently completed its scholarship selection process and will be making awards ranging in size from $500 to $2,000 to 19 local students.

All local high schools, including St. Joseph, Pioneer Valley, Santa Maria, Valley Christian Academy, Righetti and Orcutt Academy were invited to have their seniors apply.

"While the number of applications was down this year due to the impact of COVID closing live attendance, the quality of applicants we received this year was quite strong," said Mike Gibson a member of the scholarship committee. "With 41 applications to consider, the need is still great and it was difficult making the selections. While we were happy to give out 19 scholarships, we only wish we had more dollars to award."

The categories of scholarships include $1,000 Vocational Scholarships, $500 Hancock Bound Student Scholarships (renewable in year two at Hancock), $2,000 Breakfast Rotary Support Awards, and $2,000 Memorial Scholarships given in memory of deceased members of the Club based solely on outstanding community service.

Additionally, the Club established an endowment at Cal Poly to award $1,000 annually to a Cal Poly architecture student in memory of Jared and Davie Hurley. Numerous members of the community contributed to this fund in memory of the Hurleys.

Ryan Swack, president of the Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary, added that “we continue to believe in making scholarships available for graduating seniors and fully believe in, and want to support, our students and their future.”

The Club also provided funding for the Sandy Carty Breakfast Rotary Nursing Scholarship at Hancock College through an endowment established there as well.

Below is a listing of the high school recipients and their awards.

Vocational Scholarships - $1,000 each

• Viveca Baray – Santa Maria High School

• Juan Ruiz – Santa Maria High School

Hancock College Bound Student Scholarships- $500 each renewable

• Giselle Alberto Angon – Pioneer Valley High School

• Melani Amarasekara – Orcutt Academy High School

• Alyna Barriga – Pioneer Valley High School

• Isabel Cruz – Santa Maria High School

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• Fiona McGinnis – Orcutt Academy High School

• Elsa Rowe – Orcutt Academy High School

Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary Memorial Scholarships - $2,000 each

• Deanna Blanco – Santa Maria High School

• Ashley Mason – Orcutt Academy High School

Santa Maria Breakfast Rotary Support Awards- $2,000 each

• Angelina Cangelosi – Orcutt Academy High School

• Seth Cannaday – Orcutt Academy High School

• Alyssa Carrier – Orcutt Academy High School

• Jimena Diaz-Santos – Pioneer Valley High School

• Aaliyah Gomez – Ernest Righetti High School

• Camila Gomez – Orcutt Academy High School

• Esther Kim – Ernest Righetti High School

• Erica Mendez Ramos – Santa Maria High School

• Hannah Rivera – St. Joseph High School

The Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast is one of over 35,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide with a membership base of over $1.2 million Rotarians in 200 countries. It is committed to service both locally and internationally and its scholarship program is one of many efforts it has in place to make the community and the world a better place to live. For more information on Rotary, contact Frank Ortiz, Past District Governor at (805) 451-7603.