Elective rapid COVID-19 testing is now available at Sansum Clinic Santa Barbara in an effort to support the public with a safe return to travel, sporting events and gathering spaces.

Rapid testing only is being conducted at a single urgent care location in Santa Barbara, 215 Pesetas Lane, and is available to individuals age 4 and older, a clinic spokeswoman said.

A $100 fee is due at the time of testing and will not be covered by health insurance, said the spokeswoman, noting that test results take approximately 20 minutes and a printed copy of the result will be provided to the patient.

The spokeswoman noted that prior to testing, patients are responsible for verifying the specific COVID-19 test that is required for their airline flights or destination needs. Sansum Clinic cannot verify this information, she said.

Further, patients will need to verify that the test offered meets the specifications of the organization requiring testing.

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Sansum Clinic physicians report that a negative test result does not completely rule out being infected with COVID-19. 

Similar to a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, the Abbott rapid point-of-care molecular test — termed the ID NOW COVID-19 — is performed using a direct nasal swab method to determine if viral genetic material is present, the spokeswoman said.

Walk-ins and same-day appointments are being offered seven days-a-week. Tests also can be scheduled up to four weeks in advance through MyChart, or by calling 805-563-6110.

For more information on the Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 test, visit www.abbott.com/IDNOW/IDNOW-COVID-19-FAQ.html

For more information on COVID-19, visit www.covid19.sansumclinic.org

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