Lompoc city officials are urging community members to be prepared for the possibility of planned power outages in the coming months as a result of fire season. 

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. customarily implements such outages, called public safety power shutoffs, as a precautionary measure during fire season to protect communities from sparking wildfires, according to officials. 

Should extreme conditions threaten a portion of the electrical system, officials said high-risk transmission lines may be turned off, resulting in possible multiday power outages to the city of Lompoc.

Officials said in the event of a shutoff, the city will make every effort to provide updates as they are made available by PG&E officials, as well as work diligently to restore electric services to customers as quickly as possible.

Lompoc electric customers are encouraged to take safety steps to prepare themselves and their families in the event of a planned power outage:

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• Sign up for emergency alerts to receive updates about power outages and other emergency notifications at www.ReadySBC.org.

• Review Lompoc's Electric Division's website for any shutoff information, as well as PG&E notifications, at www.cityoflompoc.com/electric.

• Review PG&E's public safety power shutoff website to learn more about preparing for these types of events at www.pge.com/en_US/safety/emergency-preparedness/natural-disaster/wildfires/public-safety-power-shutoff-faq.page.

Lompoc’s electric energy is delivered over high-voltage transmission lines jointly used by a number of California utilities, including PG&E.

Lisa André covers lifestyles and local news for Santa Ynez Valley News and Lompoc Record.