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The Lompoc Department of Motor Vehicles moved to a new location at West Pine Avenue about a month ago. //Bryan Walton/Staff

Visitors to the new and larger office of the Department of Motor Vehicles, 209 W. Pine Ave., aren’t likely to find shorter lines, but there are other benefits, according to a department spokeswoman.

Renovation of the bottom floor of a two-story 1960s office building, which at more than 4,000 square feet is about twice as large as DMV’s previous place, was done with energy conservation in mind, said Jan Mendoza, information officer for DMV.

 Landscaping was replaced with native and adapted species. The original south-facing storefront and the north-facing wall were treated with insulated glazing to protect against the heat, Mendoza said.

 DMV expects a 45-percent energy savings with the use of high-efficiency mechanical equipment and controls, in addition to savings from more efficient lighting and appliances, she said.

 Water-efficient fixtures are expected to achieve an additional 35 percent in savings, Mendoza said.

She also noted that the remodeling was done with materials designed to provide healthy indoor air quality and recycle-ability. Framing, wall and ceiling materials and furnishings with a high recycled content were also used, she said.

“Over 20 percent of the building products were selected to be from local sources. Builders diverted over 90 percent of construction waste from the landfill,” Mendoza said.

DMV moved from its previous space, another 1960s building at 138 North B St., and began operations in the new space last month. The new location is owned and leased by Morris and Gloria Sohbani, who also own the “wine ghetto’’ warehouses on the city’s east side.

The location’s proximity to the city bus line and nearby businesses is expected to reduce the amount of traffic normally created by DMV customers, Mendoza said.

 DMV serves about 60,000 customers per year in its Lompoc office, she said.

Mendoza said the remodeling project “is on  target to achieve LEED Silver Certification and possibly Gold.”

LEED is a green-building certification system developed by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council. The systems is designed to provide building owners and operators a framework for identifying and using “practical and measurable green building  design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions,” according to the U.S. Green Building Council at www.usg bc.org/Default.aspx.

And what about those long lines and the waiting time at DMV?

Mendoza said there is hope on the horizon.

After June 30, when DMV’s furlough Fridays end, customers might enjoy shorter waiting times, she said. The Lompoc DMV offices employs 14 workers, she said.

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