Bradley Road opens

Bradley Road between Betteravia and Battles roads in the new Enos Ranchos development is now open.

A portion of South Bradley Road that has been closed for months opened Friday morning with no fanfare.

The section of road that once ran parallel to Highway 101 had to be realigned to make way for the highly anticipated Enos Ranchos development.

Bradley Road between South Battles and Betteravia roads now winds through the development, which is under construction.

“There will be continuing construction on the developing sites on either side of the newly opened Bradley Road. Watch for heavy equipment entering and exiting onto Bradley Road to transport materials and machinery,” said Hallie Holden, city senior civil engineer.

When completed, the Enos Ranchos development will bring Lowe’s home improvement store, and Cracker Barrel and Chick-fil-A restaurants, to Santa Maria. The development also will feature more than 300 apartments in a new complex to be constructed there, along with a new city park and elementary school.

The new portion of Bradley Road comes with two new traffic signals. The first is at the intersection of Battles and Bradley. The second will be at Bradley Road and the new Meehan Street, which will be created along with the new development.

City officials hoped to open the road a few months ago, but recent rains delayed it.

Now that Bradley Road is open, crews soon will begin work on other area streets near the Enos Ranchos project.

“After Bradley Road is opened, Battles Road will then be closed for a road tie-in at Shepard Drive. Bradley Road and College Drive will remain open while Battles Road is closed,” said city spokesman Mark van de Kamp.

Once the work on Battles Road is complete, College Drive between Battles and Betteravia will be closed for reconstruction and full widening, including curbs and gutters to line up with Meehan.

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Logan B. Anderson covers city government in Santa Maria for Lee Central Coast Newspapers. Follow him on Twitter: @LoganBAnderson.