Every week at the vet hospital we encounter distraught pet parents facing a medical emergency. Sadly, sometimes the pet owners have not budgeted for the unexpected when it comes to pet ownership. Many people save up hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase their dream pet. Very excited over the extravagant purchase, they head home with the pet they have always wanted. Unfortunately, the dream can quickly become a nightmare if they have not researched the costs of pet ownership.

With a bit of online research, information can be located regarding the annual costs of pet ownership. Money magazine, Forbes, Rover, the ASPCA, and others have compiled the average cost with a few minutes of research. The annual costs are dependent on species. The exotic pet costs are based on my own personal pets and pets of my employees.

When considering a dog, it is important to consider the care and medical history of each breed. For example, dogs that require grooming, such as a poodle, will be far more costly than low-maintenance breed such as a chihuahua. Other considerations should include health conditions that are breed specific. If you adopt a King Charles spaniel, you will probably need to budget for heart medications, a bulldog will likely face life-long allergies, and if you adopt a boxer, statistically you may deal with cancer. All of these variables factor into the cost associated with raising a dog. No matter what breed you select, all dogs need leashes, chew toys, food, shelter, training, vaccines, medical care, and don’t forget about the pet sitter while you are away. 

Adopting a mutt is cost-saving compared to purebreds. They are usually healthier too. Dani is currently up for adoption a Karing for Kreatures.
Reptiles are not for everyone, but they can make great pets for the right family.
kait and bird
Dr. Kait Betchel poses with her ring neck parakeet, Gaston, vacationing.

Dr. Kaitlen Lawton-Betchel grew up in Lemoore. An alumni of West Hills College and Fresno Pacific University, she graduated from Midwestern University in Arizona with her doctorate of veterinary medicine and her business certificate. Dr. Kait currently practices out of Karing for Kreatures Veterinary Hospital, also known as K+K.

The hospital is located at 377 Hill St., Lemoore. To make an appointment, call 559-997-1121.

Her column runs every other Thursday.


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