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3 reasons you should buy these Japanese scrub brushes

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to scrub grime off pots and pans, get gunk off of your oven racks, or clean vegetables from your backyard garden, these tawashi brushes are the perfect solution. Here are three reasons you should incorporate these Japanese scrub brushes into your cleaning routine.

1) They blast away grime without soap or cleaners.

Tawashi brushes are designed for wet cleaning jobs and can scrub away grime with only the addition of water. They’re perfect for cleaning stuck on food off pots and pans and are safe to use on a seasoned cast iron skillet. They’re also great on baked on food on your stove top or oven racks.

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2) They gently clean garden vegetables.

While the palm bristles of these Japanese scrub brushes aren’t suitable for cleaning soft skinned fruit like peaches, they are an excellent choice for scrubbing soil off root vegetables like potatoes, radishes, and carrots so you can cook without the need for peeling.

3) They’re an eco-friendly alternative.

Unlike plastic scrub brushes or softer artificial sponges, these tawashi brushes are made from tightly bound natural palm fibers. That means they can accomplish household cleaning tasks without the use of chemical cleaners. They also dry quickly and don’t accumulate odors like sponges, so they last longer.

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