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Wet springs are a boon to garden plants but also create a lot of watery nooks for mosquitoes to breed. The voracious skeeters need ridiculously little moisture to reproduce, so take time to wander your estate to look for any sources of standing water, no matter how small.

Be sure to check shallow drip saucers under your garden pots, discarded cans or tires, and even big-throated plants like bromeliads, which accumulate water in their centers. Toss the trash and keep the saucers emptied (it’s not good for your plants to stand in water anyway). But don’t tear out your bromeliads. Instead, try washing out the tank — a.k.a. the center — where water accumulates, and add a few drops of cooking oil to suffocate any larvae.

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Mosquito Dunks. (Summit Chemical Company/Amazon/TNS)

Another option for water troughs, bird baths and even bromeliads is a product such as Mosquito Dunks, which uses BTI (short for Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis), a biological or naturally occurring bacterium found in soils. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, BTI is lethal to mosquito larvae, black flies and fungus gnats but does not harm humans or other animals (including honeybees) or plants.

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