4 garbage cans that keep animals out
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4 garbage cans that keep animals out

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If your trash has ever been raided by raccoons, opossums, squirrels, or rats, you know what a pain it is to clean up scattered garbage. Fortunately, these smartly designed garbage cans and accessories keep pests away.

1) Add a Bin Strap

Adding a garbage bin strap over the lid of your existing garbage can is one of the most cost-effective ways to prevent critters from tearing through your trash. This easy to install strap is adjustable, and keeps the lid closed even if raccoons or dogs knock over the garbage can at night.

YYST Bin Strap Garbage Can Lock available from Amazon

2) Locking Lid

This locking lid outdoor trash can from United Solutions is made from heavyweight plastic, holds 34 gallons, and has wheels for easy transportation. The handle flips up to lock the lid into place, keeping raccoons, rats, and other pests out.

United Solutions 34 Gallon Hook & Lock Handle Garbage Can available from Amazon

3) Bear Proof

If your pest problems are a little bigger, turn to this bear proof garbage can from Toter. The locked, double-walled lid is steel-reinforced to keep even the toughest animals out. The trash can is also rugged enough to stand up to repeated clawing and chewing.

Toter Bear Proof 64 Gallon Trash Can with Bear Tight Lid available from Amazon

4) Heavy Metal

A metal garbage can be the solution for persistent pets. While plastic can take on the smell of garbage over time, metal won’t take on odors and is easier to clean. Rodents can also chew through plastic garbage cans, so if you notice a rat problem, a galvanized steel can will make a major difference.

Behrens 20 Gallon Galvanized Steel Garbage Can with Handles available from Amazon


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