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Kim Neace

QUESTION: Can relaxation techniques be helpful to cancer patients?

A cancer diagnosis signals a need for care on many levels. For optimal health and well-being, patients need to address not only the disease, but also its underlying imbalances and any unhealthy habits of body or mind that affect well-being.

Relaxation techniques and other mind-body practices can help calm your mind and sharpen your ability to focus. These techniques offer creative ways to reduce stress caused by cancer to maintain inner peace.

National Institute of Health studies show that relaxation techniques can be helpful for cancer patients because they calm chemo-induced nausea, improve coping skills, reduce pain, and ease anxiety and depression associated with chronic illness.

Lisa Jay has been helping people transform their lives for over 24 years through body work, energy healing, sound healing and yoga. She is a certified massage practitioner, integrative energy therapist, yoga instructor and conscious financial planner.

She has been intuitive and sensitive to energy (empathic) since she was a child, and has always felt a deep connection with nature and animals. She also practices animal communication and has a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science).

She combines techniques, such as massage, theta healing, access consciousness, reiki, healing touch, sound healing, aromatherapy, yoga and intuition, to help people transform stuck and negative patterns and beliefs, clear past traumas and stagnant energy and balance the energy field and energy centers within the around the body.

Jay also helps people clear their fears and blocks around money and abundance, educates them about safe, practical options to grow their money, and helps them take the steps to reach financial freedom.

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She offers free financial planning sessions, where she can teach you about living benefits, help you reach your money goals, protect yourself and your family, and plan for the future or the unexpected.

Her nurturing, intuitive approach helps bring people back in touch with their body, mind and spirit, and helps them heal and empower themselves on all levels.

Join us at our Women’s Support Group on Aug. at 4 p.m. to hear guest speaker Jay discuss and teach self-love through self-care practices. Start to maintain inner peace and overall well-being as she takes you through a guided meditation to ground and clear, and bring in love and light. Reservations are required. Call Mission Hope Cancer Center at 219-4673.

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