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I will be careful in what I write, because my column could be the very thing I am writing about.

Let me explain.

People seem to be more judgmental than ever. As long as the one doing the judging is not being judged, then everything seems fine. But turn the tables on them, their cause, their ideologies and you are perceived as a bully or hater. So rather than point out others who have been critical and falling into their trap how about I do this: What if Jesus (I just used His name and someone reading this got upset) were to write an article for us? What would He say about some of the current situations people are raising their voices and clicking their keyboards over?

Jesus would say, “Weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15)

True compassion must in some way impact your heart in the same way it impacts those who are in pain. In the high-profile cases of our land, there are many players and the ripple effect upon the families, friends and communities are huge. The pain is different for each person but it is no less real.

Jesus didn’t say to weep with certain people who weep, and don’t weep with others because you have a problem with them.

We don’t have the option of being selective to whom we show compassion and mercy. You don’t get to opt out of being compassionate just because someone votes differently than you, has a different view of sexuality or religion. We must be careful of passing judgment with only limited perception, some cell phone video or the statement of someone whose character and integrity we simply do not know. People can fill in the blanks with speculation, usually speculation based on their preconceived theories and not objectively on the evidence or facts

Jesus would also say: “Take the log out of your own eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

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That wonderful saying was part of Jesus telling us that before you start trying to find the speck of errors in another person’s eye you need to deal with the huge log protruding from your own eye. In other words, we all have this propensity to be able to point out the dust particles of fault in another person while being completely blind to our own huge shortcomings and faults.

Jesus would say, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:31)

When Jesus said this, people tried to change the qualification of neighbor. Jesus made it clear that your neighbor is whoever happens to be around you at any given moment, especially someone in need. Jesus made it clear that to actually love your neighbor you would be willing to sacrifice for them and serve them in their need.

People on both sides of an issue, a high-profile case or conflicting viewpoints are still our neighbors. If we learn anything about Jesus it must be that while we were still enemies of God, Jesus loved us enough to go to the cross in our place. That example of love compels us to love one another, even when it hurts.

Love removes a judgmental heart and raises compassion. Check your heart and then check your actions as that is what Jesus would have us do.