Garey School, built in 1889 was torn down in the 1960’s. The school had a 2-acres playground where the “Garey Indians, a semi-pro team played teams from all over the country. The team was dissolved in the mid 1920s.

Born in Los Alamos in 1904, Denzil (Denny) Glines, son of Thomas and Dora Glines, graduated from Santa Maria Joint Union High School in 1923, and in 1927, he graduated from Oregon State College (now University). His first job was as manager of Knudsen Creamery in Santa Maria.

Banker Frank W. Shields introduced his sister, Margaret Loretta Shields, to Denny, and the two were married in 1940. In 1945 he ran the Rock Front Ranch for his folks, and bought it in 1957. In 1965 he sold the ranch and retired.

Denzil Glines the father of Jim and Anne Glines, passed away in 1985. Margaret Shields Glines passed away in 2002.

During World War II, big named bands, such as Paul Whiteman, Guy Lombardo and Tommy Dorsey came to Pismo dance hall to entertain the troops stationed at the Santa Maria Air Base.

During the 4th of July celebration, people came from all over the country to set up their white tents on the beach.

On weekends, the Narrow Gauge Railroad ran trains several times a day from Mattie’s Tavern to the beach and returned the same night.

L.P. Scaroni once negotiated all of the Swiss and Portuguese transactions with the bank (The Bank of America).

The Pine Grove Cemetery was open government land when Nancy Stubblefield obtained a land grant. It was already being used as a burial grounds. Burial sites were marked by limbs of an oak tree with cross branches with no names on them.

The Pine Grove Cemetery incorporated in 1888 and 50 years later, it was disincorporated.

Cheryl Utsunomiya, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Utsunomiya, born in Santa Maria, began her dancing and acting career here in Santa Maria.

She started her career as a preschooler ballet student of the late Marjorie Hall and at first centered her studies to the dance through high school and then with PCPA.

She also operated her own dance school in Santa Maria for several years.

Cheryl studied at the University of Utah and Carnegie Tech, and also worked as singer, actress and dancer on stage, and finally joined the East-West Players in Los Angeles.

She was both an actress and dancer, and appeared in “St Elsewhere,” a realistic and sometimes humorous medical drama series set in a large old hospital in Boston.

George Hobbs once told me that the police department had a red light on the 600 block of West Main Street. Since there were no radios, when the light flashed, police would go and check it out.

Conversations with Winston Wickenden:

Uncle Robert (Wickenden) had cattle shipped from Mexico to Casmalia, the closest place to have cattle shipped. From Casmalia, Wickenden drove cattle through the main street of Los Alamos up to the ranchito.

Fred Kreigle (Wickenden’s father-in-law) came from Germany to Lompoc, and opened a meat market and slaughtering house. Winston was born there and attended school in Los Alamos for two years.

Three Wickenden brothers opened a big store in Los Alamos where they sold general merchandise. When the 1903 earthquake destroyed the house, they moved to San Luis Obispo where they opened a clothing and hardware store.

At the time of the Los Alamos earthquake, Dick Wickenden (Winston’s father) was working as night watchman at the Los Alamos store. When the earthquake struck, the big safe was moved in front of the door and he couldn’t get out until his brothers rescued him the next morning.

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