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Bookmark Light


Over the years, there has not been much new in the way of bookmarks but this Bookmark Light is truly unique. It is made of silver, nanoparticle ink and a LED chip, making it easy to use.

You will never look at a book the same, once you use this.

Flatpak Toiletry Kit


Travel is one place where everyone needs to be a minimalist.

TSA has made it clear that you can't haul a ton of toiletries.

The FlatPak Toiletry 3-Pack is an ultralight way to travel and make sure you have your favorite shampoo, moisturizer and sunscreen.

So often, while in another country, it's impossible to find your personal items and these are TSA approved. Unlike, plastic mini bottles, they are flat so they take up less room in your toiletry bag.

Wraparound Ear Buds

Around $19.50

I hate wires and most people I know do, too.

Headphones have not had much innovation, but these are again truly unique.

While not in use, you can wear these around your wrist, instead of folding them up in your pocket or laptop case, where they often get twisted, knotted and tangled.

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These will not tangle and that's a big relief for someone like me who hates wires.



For the kitchen, here is a new spin on an old product -- the waffle iron.

First off, this works over the stove. I think it works best with a gas stove, but they say electric would work.

My favorite use would be over a campfire.

Second, it allows you to create two waffles and stuff them with anything that appeals to you: cheese, eggs, bacon, jam, turkey etc.

As a result. you have two fluffy waffles to create a waffle sandwich, or if you want, chicken and waffles anytime of day.

Diana Stoneberg, aka Gadget Grrl, who hails from the Central Coast, can be found at or GADGETGRRL on Twitter.