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Festival to feature works by local filmmaker

Local Santa Ynez writer and filmmaker of Choctaw and Cherokee Indian descent, Gary Robinson of Tribal Eye Productions, has released two films, "Telling the Truth about California Missions" and "Tears of our Ancestors: Healing from Historical Trauma." He has also written a historical novel series, "Lands of our Ancestors," Book One and Two. The third book of the series is due out in early 2019.

As read from Gary Robinson's 'The Lands of our Ancestors': Chapter 8, pages 101-104.

When Kalik heard of the plan, he said, "Father, I know I can help you overcome the soldiers here in the mission when the attack comes. Don't leave me out of this."

Using a stern voice Kilik had seldom heard, Solomol replied, "What I expect of you is to become the protector and leader of your sister, your cousin and the other children if something should happen to me. They'll need someone they can count on here. You're that someone."

Kilik started to protest, but realized that this was an important course of action for him. This was something he could set his mind to and carry out if needed.

"All right, Father," he said. "I will  accept this as my duty, and I will not fail." He hugged his father tightly, and then the two separated before being noticed by one of the soldiers.

When the appointed night to carry out the plan came, Solomol quietly said goodbye to his wife and daughter, and Salapay bid farewell to his wife. Keeping low and quiet, the two crept over to the meeting place they'd set with the other men. It was a small cluster of trees beyond the eastern border of the mission.

"Has anyone seen Reynaldo tonight," Solomol asked the men in the group in a whisper. No one had.

... All of a sudden, a gruff voice came out from the darkness.

"You men are going nowhere," El Capitan Castigar said. "We know all about your plans for escape." With that, about a dozen soldiers stepped from their hiding places in the brush, surrounding the Chumash men. Castigar carried a torch, which he now lit. Light from the flame revealed Reynaldo standing beside him.

"Reynaldo here, has been a very good spy," the captain said in a much more friendly voice. "He and his family will be rewarded for their loyalty to the padres." 

... Soldiers seized the Native men and ushered them back to the mission's main plaza.

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