A Walk through the Cypress: Art reflects end of year, time for giving thanks
A walk through the Cypress

A Walk through the Cypress: Art reflects end of year, time for giving thanks


Towards the end of the year we begin to reflect. At the end of this month we give thanks for all that we have. Ann Thompson, our November featured artist, reminds us through her paintings of the simple treasures and pleasures life offers us on the Central Coast.

The subjects of her work cover a broad spectrum; a country road, fresh berries, chickens, donuts and coffee. The stand-out of the show is her piece “Pure Love” of a young boy holding a baby girl in a mutual gaze of joy and delight. In this simple and wonderfully conceived painting what we all live for is made apparent.

Thompson is a generous artist who works tirelessly on various mural projects, commissioned portraits and interior decor. She believes that all of us are born with a gift; one that we have the potential to share with others in order to bring joy. For Thompson this gift is painting.

Her works are bold and fresh and clear, like a beautiful day. Her subjects are often enlarged, and chock full of personality. Humor is a factor also, as in “Yes, You’re Annoying Me” of two blue jays on a branch. A pig and an ostrich with a party hat make an appearance. There is even a slice of heaven in “At the End of the Day.” Forms are skillfully and boldly rendered. Color assumes the aspect of fresh, delectable paint. See Ann Thompson’s show and have your senses, and sense of gratitude, renewed.

Art assumes many guises; artists use a variety of means to express their innate creative impulses. In the main gallery this month Maria Slizys displays a set of intriguing collages in which she combines pieces of photographs and the skillful use of colored pencil, graphite and chalk. The results, especially in “2019 Photo-Ext #2,” propel the viewer into another plane of visual experience.

Photographs by Debby Fuller and Suzanne Schenck document with a keen eye the strange and wonderful. Witness a decaying truck, a pool of rubber ducks and a carnival ride, respectively. Tammy Evans’ gourd art masks are simply incredible. Large, expansive circumferences, expert craftsmanship, surprising materials and a powerful spiritual presence are must-haves for anyone with wall space.

A comparison of brushstroke sensibility is always a pleasure in a group show. Neil Andersson’s “Vista Near Lake Cachuma” suggests an enticing landscape of vast softness, while Betsee Talavera’s “Glow” depicts a strident cypress tree in a raking light. Chris Jeszecks’s delicate colored pencil work in “Autumn Splendor” won the the People’s Choice Award for October.

These are just a few of the treasures to be found at the Cypress Gallery this month, along with a multitude of artistic cards and gift items. Visit us at 119 East Cypress Ave., in Lompoc. We are operated by members of the Lompoc Valley Art Association, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, committed to expanding and supporting access and exposure to the arts in the Lompoc and Santa Ynez Valley. Contact us: www.lompocart.org, Facebook/Cypress Gallery, (805) 737-1129.


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