For those suffering from AFIB this portable, personal EKG monitor could be a life saver. In 30 seconds, you can place your thumbs on either side of the device and it will transfer a medical-grade EKG to your smartphone.

It can detect, Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia and Normal Heart Rhythm.

You can store all your EKG's and send them to your cardiologist. There is an option to store your readings online in cloud storage for $9.99/month or


UPright Posture Trainer



Walk around anywhere and you'll see crowds of people hunched over their smartphones, tablets and gaming devices. Most people are supporting some pretty awful posture. This device, placed on your upper back prods you to correct your posture in the event you start to slouch.

There is an Upright APP you can program this device/APP to train your brain to keep upright.



Peanut allergies can be life threatening and even if you ask the makers of the food you can not always be sure that it is peanut free. With this device you simple take a few samples of the food in question, and you could use a napkin to retrieve the samples and place them in the container. Once filled you simply twist the container into the device until it stops. Then the device will either display a happy face of a peanut to alert you that there are peanuts in the food. The capsules are $59/12 pack and most people go thru a 12 pack per month. A great idea for those with peanut allergies.




People with COPD, or breathing issues could use the real-time air quality tracker. Weather reports often are able to detect air quality in a specific area. Using an APP you can see at a glance the true air quality which could determine whether you might want to be walking, hiking or biking on any given day.

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