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Frank Culley
Why Won’t My GFI Receptacle Reset?

You must have power to the receptacle to get it
to “set” at all. If it has been working but fails
to work for some reason, try resetting it. The
opening that houses the reset button is not very
big. It is possible if you try to push the reset button with
your finger, you won’t fully complete the task, especially if
your finger is too large. Try using something plastic [not
metal] that easily fits in the opening to fully depress the
reset button. If all else fails, call Ever-Ready Electric.
“The Intelligent Choice”
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1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


John Burgess
It’s hard to understand people
talking with masks on.
Any suggestions to help?

Masks both muffle speech and hide
lips, disallowing unconscious lip
reading. And “social distancing”
worsens things, especially when a
clerk is behind a plexiglass shield. Turning up
your hearing aid can help but we can tailor a
separate program to partially offset the problem.
We are always working to provide customize

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Santa Maria, CA

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