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County of Santa Barbara Planning and Development Published September 06, 2019 NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY OF A DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (EIR) AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEARING - OASIS CENTER PROJECT CASE NUMBERS: 14GPA-00000-00020, 16RMM-00000-00001, 16CUP-00000-00006, 16DVP-00000-00002, 16LLA-00000-00004, 17CUP-00000-00013, 18GOV-00000-00005 COMMENT PERIOD: September 06 To October 21, 2019 EIR HEARING: October 3, 2019, 5:30 P.M. PUBLIC HEARING SANTA BARBARA COUNTY P&D IS SOLICITING AND COMMENT : COMMENTS ON THE ADEQUACY AND COMPLETENESS OF THE ANALYSIS AND PROPOSED MITIGATION MEASURES DESCRIBED IN 19EIR-00000-00003. YOU MAY COMMENT BY PROVIDING TESTIMONY AT THE PUBLIC HEARING ON OCTOBER 3, 2019 AND/OR BY SUBMITTING WRITTEN OR ORAL COMMENTS TO THE PROJECT PLANNER IDENTIFIED BELOW PRIOR TO THE CLOSE OF PUBLIC COMMENT ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 AT 5 P.M. HEARING: 5:30 P.M. Betteravia Government Center, 511 East Lakeside Parkway Santa Maria, CA 93454 SUBJECT: HEARING TO ACCEPT COMMENTS ON ORCUTT AREA SENIORS IN SERVICE (OASIS) CENTER EIR PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hearing on the request of Laurie Tamura, agent representing OASIS, to consider the applications below for a new OASIS Senor Meeting Center on Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Key Site 18 (KS18): Development Plan (16DVP-00000-00002) to construct a new OASIS Center in the REC zone district, including 15,661 square feet (sf) in two buildings, access from Foxenwood Lane, parking, landscaping, private trails within the development area, and a section of the Orcutt Creek Trail/Bikeway. Conditional Use Permit (16CUP-00000-00006) to allow the proposed “meeting center” development/use. Minor Conditional Use Permit (17CUP-00000-00013) for a directional sign near the driveway entrance. General Plan Amendment (14GPA-00000-00020) to amend OCP DevStd KS18-1 to 1) Allow OASIS project development on land restricted to park, noncommercial recreation, and open space uses; 2) Remove the “Open Space Area” designation for the OASIS property on the OCP Open Space Area Map; 3) Remove the “Proposed Public Park” designation for the OASIS property on the OCP Park, Recreation and Trails Map; and 4) Modify the OCP Bikeways Map to allow a Class II (instead of Class I) bikeway section within project driveway. Government Code §65402 Consistency requires County determination regarding Comprehensive Plan consistency for OASIS’ proposed acquisition of County-held development rights to the OASIS property (dev rights were deeded to County per SPE conditions of approval, TM 12,679 #18/TM 13,345 #21). Recorded Map Modification (16RMM-00000-00001): The OASIS property is recorded as one of the Southpoint Estates (SPE) “NOT A BUILDING SITE OPEN SPACE” lots. OASIS proposes to modify two SPE conditions of approval (TM 12,679 #18/TM 13,345 #8 & #21) and modify two SPE recorded maps to remove the ownership/land use restrictions and the “NOT A BUILDING SITE OPEN SPACE” label for the OASIS property. Lot Line Adjustment (16LLA-00000-00002): Add commercial-zoned 0.12 acres of OASIS property (APN 105-020-063) to corner commercial APN 105-020-041). PROJECT LOCATION: The project development and driveway would be located south of Orcutt Creek on APNs 105-020-063, -064, 041, (driveway grading would extend onto 105-020-053 to the tip of 105-020-018), Fourth Supervisorial District. The project is located within OCP KS18, which is bounded by Clark Avenue on the south, Foxenwood Lane on the east, SPE on the north and Broadway/California Boulevard on the west, (Key Site 18: APNs 105-020-060, -061, -062, -063, -064, -065, -068, -069, -070, 105-020-41, 038, -018, -021, -022, -052, and -053). The Recorded Map Modification would modify the SPE subdivision conditions and recorded maps with regard to the OASIS property. The SPE (TM 12,679 & TM 13,345) residential lots are located immediately north of KS18 and include APNs 105-180-001 to -055; 105-200-001 to -039; 105-250-001 to -043; and 105-280-004 to -029. ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW FINDINGS: P&D has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (19-EIR-00000-00003) pursuant to requirements of the State Guidelines for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the County of Santa Barbara Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA. An EIR was prepared due to the potential for unavoidable, significant adverse effects to result from project implementation. The EIR identifies and discusses potential impacts, mitigation measures, residual impacts and monitoring requirements for identified subject areas. Significant effects on the environment are anticipated in the following areas: Aesthetics/Visual Resources, Air Quality, Biological Resources, Cultural Resources, Fire/Police Services, Geologic Processes, Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Climate Change, Land Use/Planning/Quality of Life, Noise, Public Services, Recreation and Open Space, Transportation and Circulation, and Water Resources: Supply/Quality/Flooding and Drainage. If the project description changes, P&D will require a reevaluation to consider the changes. This reevaluation will be subject to all regular fees and conditions. If you challenge this environmental document in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues raised by you or others in written correspondence or in hearings on the proposed project. Document Availability: If a copy of the EIR is not attached, the draft EIR may be obtained and all documents referenced in the EIR may be reviewed at Planning & Development offices located at 624 Foster Road, Suite C, Santa Maria AND on our website at: Draft documents are also available for review at the Santa Maria Library, 421 S McClelland Street in Santa Maria and at the Santa Barbara Library, 40 East Anapamu Street. How to Comment: Please provide comments to the project planner, Natasha Campbell at 624 W. Foster Road, Santa Maria, CA 93455, 805-570-4871 or 805-934-6250 (P&D) 805-934-6258 FAX prior to the close of public comment on October 21, 2019 at 5 p.m. or provide testimony at the public hearing on the date and time specified above. Please limit comments to environmental issues such as traffic, biology, noise, etc. You will receive notice of the dates of future public hearings to consider project approval or denial. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this hearing, please contact the Hearing Support Staff at (805) 568-2000. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the hearing will enable the Hearing Support Staff to make reasonable arrangements.

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