Details for PASTORS CORNER 3/16

Pastor’s Corner

By Pastor Carl Nielsen
Bethel Lutheran Church
Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and
have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)
Louis Pasteur performed the first vaccination in
1885. He injected his experimental rabies vaccine
into a boy who had been bitten by a mad dog. Since
then, this medical procedure has saved countless
lives and practically eliminated many once-fatal
Pasteur’s contribution to human history is great.
But there is one greater. Jesus’ life, death, and
resurrection has saved us from the terminal disease
of sin. When we were born into the human race, we
were already infected with it. Had it not been for
Jesus’ self-sacrifice, there would be no hope for us.
Christ has cured our fatal infection with sin. Our
bodies are still mortal, but those who die in Christ
will rise again. We have forgiveness of our sin and
have been born anew. We enjoy a full life now and
a permanent relationship with God that will last for
eternity. This promise spoken by Jesus Himself is
Our relationship with God, restored by Jesus Christ,
provides the power we need to restore our broken
relationships with others. Now our lives are full of
God’s love and grace, and we honor Him by serving
others in His name.
We are moving into the church season of Lent. It
comes from an Old English word for “Spring.” Apart
from the obvious reason for the name (Lent always
comes in Spring), the name also suggests that this
season should be a time of renewal, growth and new
life. It is a time to give more time and attention to
our relationship with Christ. It is a time to take our
sin seriously and give thanks for what God has done
for us through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus.
Are you grateful for what Jesus has done for you?
How are you expressing your thanks?


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