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Continuing to Evolve: Leadership Santa Maria Valley sees Program Changes for 2020 Like many local organizations, Leadership Santa Maria Valley continues to grow and evolve to remain relevant and provide the best possible experience for class members. Most program changes are discussed at the leadership board strategic planning session in January. Program Coordinator Terri Oneschuck explains program changes in store for the class of 2020. “This year it was decided, after much discussion, to make a few changes to the topic day themes. For two of the topic days we have made slight changes to their titles. October’s “Arts & Culture” will now be “Arts & Recreation”. This allows a more similar focus in places to visit or speakers to hear from. The other subtle change is that November’s topic has gone from “Public Safety” to “Public Safety and Justice”. This will expand what the class will learn about beyond just the police and fire departments, giving more scope to the day.” Oneshuck says the biggest program change will be replacing April’s “Media & Technology” topic day with “Sustainability & Natural Resources”. “We feel media and technology are present in all topic days in one form or another,” Oneschuck explained. “By removing that as its own specific day, we open the space to a new area to explore. The way that businesses address sustainability and the way that we protect and use our natural resources is an important issue. We are excited to see where the class of 2020 takes this new topic day.” Another change coming to the LSMV program is a stronger emphasis on leadership training. “We’ve heard from recent classes a greater desire for more in-depth leadership issues discussions and skills development,” explained Dr. Lee-Volker Cox, current LSMV Chairman and class of 2013 graduate. “Additionally, the last topic day for the year will be more of a leadership capstone integrating all of the concepts.” Oneschuck and Cox both agree that it is important the board continues to assess and evolve LSMV. Both remain passionate about the program and the impact it continues to have on its participants and the local community. “As program director, I enjoy going on each topic day. Not only do I continue to learn more about this community and its businesses, I also get to see the class members bond together and grow in their leadership skills,” Oneschuck said. “I really encourage others to participate in LSMV as a way to learn more about themselves and their community.” Leadership Santa Maria Valley Board of Directors Chairman: Lee-Volker Cox Vice-Chair: Steven Funkhouser Secretary: Diane Alleman-Stevens Treasurer/Program Director: Terri Oneschuck Directors: Celeste Coelho-Hudson Frank Mejia Judi Monte Michelle New Hugh Rafferty Steve Scott Chuck Winkles Connect with LSMV Website: leadership-santa-maria-valley Facebook: Contact: Terri Oneschuck, Program Coordinator Email: Phone: (805) 925-2403 x 824 From tours to leadership speakers, LSMV Topic Days are immersive and give class members and in depth look at different industries in Santa Maria.

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