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County of Santa Barbara Planning and Development NOTICE OF PREPARATION OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (EIR) AND EIR SCOPING MEETING CASE NUMBERS: 14GPA-00000-00020, 16RMM-00000-00001, 16CUP-00000-00006, 16DVP-00000-00002, 16LLA-00000-00004, 17CUP-00000-00013, 18GOV00000-00005 COMMENT PERIOD: SCOPING MEETING: October 12, 2018 to November 15, 2018 October 25, 2018 HEARING BEGINS: 5:30 P.M. PLACE: Betteravia Government Center, 511 East Lakeside Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93454 SUBJECT: ORCUTT AREA SENIORS IN SERVICE (OASIS) MEETING CENTER – REQUEST FOR PUBLIC COMMENT ON SCOPE OF THE PROJECT EIR PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hearing on the request of Laurie Tamura, agent representing OASIS, to consider the applications below for a new OASIS Meeting Center. The project includes the following application requests: General Plan Amendment (14GPA-00000-00020): Amend Orcutt Community Plan (OCP) Key Site 18 Development Standard KS18-1 to 1) Allow development of the OASIS project, on land currently restricted to park, recreation, and open space use; 2) Remove the “Open Space Area” designation for the OASIS development area from the OCP Open Space Area Map; 3) Remove the “Proposed Public Park” designation for the OASIS development area from the OCP Park, Recreation and Trails (PRT) Map; and 4) Modify the OCP Bikeways Map to allow the bikeway section along the project driveway to be a striped area along the paved driveway rather than a Class I Bikeway. Recorded Map Modification (16RMM-00000-00001): The OASIS parcels (APNs 105-020-063 and 064, together one legal lot), are identified as part of the open space for Southpoint Estates. This request would modify project conditions of approval for the Southpoint Estates Tract Maps (TM 12,679 condition #18 and TM 13,345 condition #s 8 and 21) as well as affected recorded maps for the subdivision. The modification would remove the ownership and use restrictions for the TM 12,679/TM 13,345 open space acreage now owned by OASIS and would modify the “NOT A BUILDING SITE” OPEN SPACE label on two of the recorded maps for Southpoint Estates. Lot Line Adjustment (16LLA-00000-00002): Adjust the common property line between the OASIS property (APNs 105-020-063 and -064) and the adjacent corner commercial parcel (APN 105-020-041), to add the small area of commercial zoning on the OASIS property to the corner commercial parcel. Development Plan (16DVP-00000-00002): Proposal for construction of the OASIS Center facility in the REC zone district. The new facility includes 15,333 square feet (sf) of structural development, with a main building of 13,810 sf and an ancillary BBQ/crafts building of 1,523 sf. The project would also include related access road, parking, landscape, and private trails within the development area, and a section of the Orcutt Creek multi-use public trail along the driveway, the eastern property line, and part of the northern property line. Conditional Use Permit (16CUP-00000-00006): A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is proposed to allow the proposed OASIS Center (meeting center) development and use onsite. Minor Conditional Use Permit (17CUP-00000-00013): A Minor CUP is proposed for a directional sign near the Foxenwood Lane driveway entrance. Government Code §65402 Consistency: A determination regarding consistency with the Comprehensive Plan with regard to OASIS proposed acquisition of the development rights to the property that are held by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to the Southpoint Estates project conditions of approval (TM 12,679 Condition No.18, TM 13,345 Condition No.21). Project Location: The proposed OASIS Center development area and driveway would be located south of Orcutt Creek on APNs 105-020-063, -064, -041, Fourth Supervisorial District. The proposed OASIS development area is located within Orcutt Community Plan Key Site 18, which is bounded by Clark Avenue on the south, Foxenwood Lane on the east, Southpoint Estates on the north and Broadway/California Boulevard on the west, (Key Site 18: APNs 105-020-060, -061, -062, -063, -064, 065, -068, -069, -070, 105-020-41, -038, -022, -052, and -053). The NOP/EIR Scoping documents are available online at and all project documents, including the EIR Scoping documents may be reviewed at the Planning and Development Department, 624 West Foster Road, Suite C, Santa Maria. Please contact the project planner, Natasha Campbell, in advance at 805-570-4871/805-934-6250 or to ensure that project materials will be available. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this hearing, please contact the Hearing Support Staff at (805) 568-2000. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the hearing will enable the Hearing Support Staff to make reasonable arrangements.

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