Details for New Frontier _9/17 & 9/19

Real. Good. Food. ORGANIC NEW CROP GALA APPLES Crisp and sweet $1.49 lb. ORGANIC ROMAINE LETTUCE Locally grown, red or green 2 for $3 Newman’s Own Organics ORGANIC PRUNES, APRICOTS, AND RAISINS In 1982, Newman’s Own was founded by Paul Newman based on two key principles: that “quality should always trump profits” and that “if we make any money, we’ll give it all to charity.” Over $550 million has been given to thousands of charities to date. $4.49 - $6.29 6-15oz. Hwy. 246 & Alamo Pintado • Solvang Monday - Sunday 8am-8pm 805.693.1746 New Frontiers Natural Beef EXTRA LEAN GROUND BEEF $4.99 lb. Wild Caught FRESH LOCAL BLACK COD $14.99 lb. Sale prices valid through September 23, 2019 HUNDREDS OF ITEMS ON SALE THROUGHOUT THE STORE

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