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Pastor’s Corner
Miracles in the Desert
By Pastor Carl Nielsen
Bethel Lutheran Church

In the dark and gloomy days of their exile, the
people of Israel felt that God had abandoned them.
They had lost their homes, their freedom, their
spiritual security – in fact, they had lost just about
everything that gave their lives meaning and joy. For
people who felt so deserted, the image of the desert
was a perfect symbol for their lives. “Our hope is
dried up,” they said, “and our future is dead and
barren.” So it seemed.
But the prophet Isaiah who was sent by God told
them that far better things were in store for them.
God had plans and possibilities up His sleeve far
greater than anything they could imagine! Using the
same image of the desert, the prophet Isaiah assured
them (35:2-7) that “The wilderness and the dry land
will be glad! The desert will rejoice and blossom!
Waters shall break forth in the wilderness, streams
in the desert, and the burning sands shall become
a pool!” No matter how dismal their situation
seemed, God offered them a miraculous hope for the
future! He would deliver them from their slavery
and return them to their homes. And, impossible as
it must have seemed at the time, that’s exactly what
God did.
Like the people of Israel, there are times when we
also feel deserted, dried up, hopeless. Many have
experienced devastating fires in California. There
has been great loss. This is a horrible tragedy. It
seems hopeless. However, the good news of the
Gospel is that with God we always have a solid
hope, no matter how dismal things may seem. In
our spiritual deserts, possibilities can blossom, dead
dreams can come to life, parched souls can flow
with living water – all by the power of God! And
so, the challenge to us is the same as it was to the
people back then: “Be strong! Fear not! Behold,
your God is coming!” God is the master of bringing
good things from messes. After Good Friday, came
Easter. Let’s pray God will do it again for so many
who have lost everything.



Unity Chapel of Light
This Sunday’s Lesson:
Advent Sunday of Peace
11:00 A.M.

Rev. Julie Johnson, PhD

1165 Stubblefield Rd,
Santa Maria


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