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Q: A: Frank Culley What is an “Arc Fault” (Fire Guard) Breaker & Why Do I Need Them? The AFCI Breaker protects against fires caused by “arcing”. Any loose connection such as poorly wired receptacles, poor electrical installation and intermingling of circuit neutral conductors can cause these Breakers to trip. The AFCI senses these problems and shuts off the power to the circuit. AFCI protection is now required on all 15 and 20 Amp, 120 Volt residential circuits. These issues should be found and corrected. Removing the AFCI Breaker and installing a standard Breaker puts the home and thus the occupants at risk. EVER-READY ElEctRic “The Intelligent Choice” [805] 934-7091 1010 W. Betteravia Santa Maria, CA 93455 Lic#428707

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