Details for ASK A PRO 9/11

Q: A: Frank Culley Which is more expensive, hiring a Professional or an amateur? Contd. The National Electrical Code requires that the neutral conductor be “Pig Tailed” on all multi-wire circuits. “Pig Tailing” means that the neutral wires are stripped about an inch or so and then a “pig tail” wire (about 6” long) is connected to the neutral conductors. This “pig tail” is then the only wire connected to the device. Professionals do this. Amateurs don’t know and don’t do this. Amateurs burn your stuff up! At Ever-Ready Electric, we “pig tail” all of the wires, not just the neutral wires. (TBC) EVER-READY ElEctRic “The Intelligent Choice” [805] 934-7091 1010 W. Betteravia Santa Maria, CA 93455 Lic#428707

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