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Frank Culley
Why can’t my electrician tell me, in advance,
what my repairs will cost; like my mechanic does?

Your mechanic has front line, very experienced
folks called service writers. An experienced service
electrician (troubleshooter) can give you an
upfront price. Have you ever had an electrician
working to solve a problem and you were wondering;
when will he ever be done. Wouldn’t it be great to have an
upfront price? Give Ever-Ready Electric a call. We have the
experienced troubleshooters and we can and will tell you up
front what your cost will be. You are in control. You decide.
“The Intelligent Choice”
[805] 934-7091
1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


John Burgess
I got rechargeable hearing aids but I’m
worried that I will be without hearing if
I forget to charge them over night.
The Starkey rechargeable hearing aids
are fully compatible with standard
hearing aid batteries. Simply exchange

them as needed. However, be sure to replace with
the rechargeable batteries before putting them
into the charger.

(805) 922-2884

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