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Frank Culley
My handyman wants to do my minor
electrical repairs. Is this a good idea?

If your electrical repairs total $500 or more,
including labor and material, (regardless of who
provides the materials) the State of California
requires this work be done by a licensed
electrician. For safety reasons it is always best to employ
a licensed electrician to do electrical work. In addition, if
and when you decide to sell your property, you will most
likely be required to show that any modifications to the
electrical system were permitted. Be Safe! Call Ever-Ready
Electric for all your electrical needs!
“The Intelligent Choice”
[805] 934-7091
1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


John Burgess
Can hearing loss really cause

That has not been proven, however there
has been extensive research to show that
individuals with uncorrected hearing loss
are at much greater risk for dementia and falling.
There is also proven correlation that those with
corrected hearing loss reduce the probability to the
same as those without hearing loss. Bottom line, get
your hearing checked regularly and address it when

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