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Ask A Professional


Frank Culley
What can I do to make my Christmas
lights safe?

Extension cords are always dangerous and often
the source of fires. If they get wet you can have
other problems. DON’T USE THEM. Never
leave any indoor or outdoor Christmas lights
“on” when leaving your home and shut them “off” when
you go to bed. Install some dedicated waterproof GFCI
receptacles for your outdoor lighting and install a switch
and/or timer to control these new receptacles. Call EverReady Electric for any electrical safety concerns you may
encounter with your Christmas lighting and enjoy the
“The Intelligent Choice”
[805] 934-7091
1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


Roger Pitman

Is it a good time to sell and/or buy Real

I have 50 years of home lending experience and I am
also a Realtor for 40 years. I have all the information to
help guide a homeowner. I have seen all the highs and
lows in Real Estate since 1968. And yes, I feel it is a good
time to sell and get top dollar for your home. With the interest
rates expected to increase, as they have been lately, along with the
shortage of homes available on the market, you should get top
dollar for your home today. Depending on the condition and the
location of your home, it will tell us what the value of your home
should be today. If you call me with your address, I can give you a
quick assessment of your value, and if I can come to your house
and walk through, I can zero in on exactly how much your home is
valued today.
So please call me: 805-938-5353
or e-mail at
Roger is a Licensed Realtor DRE 00674891
with CRI and a
Licensed Loan Officer NMLS 324135
with Equity Reach, Inc.


John Burgess
Do you finance hearing aid fittings?

Yes. We normally finance through Care Credit
which is a trade name for Synchrony Bank (the
same company that does Home Depot finance).
We can offer an interest free line of credit for

12 months or up to 60 months on interest loans. We can
usually get approval within 15 minutes with a short form
credit application right in the office.

(805) 922-2884

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